IHC’s international students watch World Cup during study hall

Published: Dec. 9, 2022 at 5:35 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Watertown’s IHC is home to a group of international student-athletes. On Friday, a study hall was used to put the books down and turn on the World Cup. Many watching their home country in action.

“As a Brazilian, we’re inside soccer. You know, we’re born with a ball, like, in our arms,” said Bernaro Tomazini, a senior at Immaculate Heart Central School.

In Brazil, Futbol is not only a sport but a way of life - art that is engrained into their culture. The group of IHC soccer players looked to share that culture with their north country counterparts.

“A lot of our students are from Brazil, so it was really fun, and I think exciting for them to kind of show off their home country, their culture. To get to bring that into IHC a little because they are so far from home,” said Alicia Uhlein, physical education teacher.

“The World Cup means, like, everything. My father and my grandfather had it so like Brazil won a World Cup, but my generation, never. So for us, it’s something like a dream to see Brazil win a World Cup,” said Tomazini.

The IHC players, along with their peers, were glued to their seats for the World Cup Friday morning. Two study hall periods turned into a watch party for the yellow, green, and blue. The kids laughed, cheered, bit their nails and even sent up prayers for the Brazilian national team.

“We are very nervous because last World Cup we got beaten up at this phase by Belgium,” said junior Tiago Weschenfelder.

Win or lose, the opportunity to watch their home country compete on the world stage is not one the students will soon forget.

“This kind of moment, it’s something I want to remember my whole life,” said Tomazini.

While the score remained nil-nil in the 84th minute, the IHC soccer players are still student-athletes first. Even though the game might not have been over, the bell still had to dismiss them to go back to class.

Meanwhile, the game went into overtime with penalty kicks and Brazil lost to Croatia.