Hitting the slopes

Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 6:11 PM EST
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TOWN OF WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - With kids out of school and freshly fallen snow, skiers are grabbing their gear and hitting the slopes at Dry Hill Ski Area.

“It’s a beautiful day for skiing. Some parts are really sticky so it’s like you’re going down the hill and then you can just feel like you’re gliding on glue,” said skier Luke Boogertman.

Luke is from Pennsylvania but has spent the past few holiday breaks skiing Dry Hill on visits to his cousins here in the north country.

He says each year he gets better.

“If you’re going really fast, it literally feels like you’re flying. Sometimes I put my arms out to feel like Superman because why not,” he said.

Speed, control, and staying focused are key when on the slopes.

Carol and Griff Williams are just spectators and are there with the grandkids for their third lesson.

“It is fun to watch,” said Griff.

“It is really rewarding to pass it on from us to their parents and now to them,” said Carol.

The Williams stress the importance of taking lessons.

So what have the kids learned so far?

“How to stop. That would probably be the most important part because if you go down one of the hills and you just keep going, you have a higher chance of running into somebody,” said Kylie Bennett, learning to ski.

“Definitely be a little slower, like if you’re going down the hill definitely be a little slower,” said Carter Bennett.

Workers at Dry Hill say the feet of snow left behind by the blizzard are just right for learning.

“Soft conditions right now, especially great for people to learn on. It’s not the classic icy East Coast conditions that some people think of when they think of skiing in this part of the country,” said Stewart Wells, mechanical engineer.