New state laws go into effect Sunday

Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 5:23 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - New Year’s Day means new laws in New York. They range from a minimum wage increase to new regulations for telemarketers.

Starting next year, telemarketers are required to give customers the option to be added to “Do Not Call” lists immediately after stating their name and company.

Student-athletes now have increased rights, being eligible for compensation for their name, image and likeness without having to give up on scholarships.

Airports now have to implement designated spaces for breastfeeding mothers.

Rides should become safer for bicyclists because pedestrian and bicycle safety courses are being made mandatory as a driver’s license requirement.

Brianna’s Law will require boating safety courses for anyone driving a mechanically propelled boat.

Also going into effect in 2023 is a $1 minimum wage increase to $14.20 an hour. Bad Apple Garage and Saloon owner Shannon Exford says these annual increases are starting to add up

“It’s a giant snowball effect. It doesn’t stop,” said Shannon Exford.

Exford says she pays most of her workers above $14.20, but as the minimum wage goes up, employees expect to see a comparable raise as well. She says this leaves her with limited options

“Eventually it’s either a shorting the profit side or raising costs,” she said.

In years past, increased wages meant large-scale menu alterations to keep profits in line.. This year, however, Exford doesn’t expect anything as drastic.

“We’re hoping that the menu currently as it is can absorb the increase this year,” she said.

A list of laws becoming a part of life in 2023.