Your photos from the Blizzard of ‘22

Updated: Dec. 30, 2022 at 6:46 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - In a storm like we just had, some of the best pictures we put on the air are the ones captured by viewers.

So as the warm weather hits us and starts to melt the snow, we take a look at some of the best images caught during the Blizzard of ‘22.

A biting Christmas wind whipped across the north country Sunday morning. David Reese shared a video as snow fell sideways and his voice was drowned out by the storm.

The days-long storm blanketed the north country in feet of snow and made driving conditions miserable if not impossible.

At fire halls like the one in Hammond, cots were set up on Christmas Eve to give some comfort to stranded travelers who were forced to spend the night when their vehicles got stuck.

Wild animals also took shelter, like a furry but blurry critter caught on camera poking its head out during the storm.

Jessica Mcfaul’s malamute pup named Puck embraced its nature by howling at the storm in Massena.

With strong winds and waves along the lake and river, strange natural formations took shape in the ice.

Steve Kreun shared a photo of an ice cave forming under snowy trees.

A frosted wreath hung on Sierra Penrose’s door in Evans Mills.

Outdoor decorations take on a more festive feel covered in mounds of snow.

It’s hard to beat the scenic views of a country road in winter; Rebecca Cole-Manner sent some in from Rossie.

Remember the days of snowbanks taller than your head? Those memories are being formed this winter for Robert in Copenhagen.

The storm formed gigantic snowdrifts in many places, giving a little extra privacy at Ann Wells’ home in Lisbon.

Plows spent countless hours clearing roads. One photo caught a plow making an impressive spray of snow on Route 12.

Even plows needed help in a storm like this one. Groff’s Towing and other companies were out making sure plows were able to stay on the roads.

First responders worked tirelessly to keep people safe. Brandon Marshall offered some zen wisdom in one Send it to 7 post, reminding folks to keep their neighborhood fire hydrants cleared of snow.

You see some strange things when the weather gets whacky, like globs of snow hanging from roofs and snow-caked icicles doing the same.

In Louisville, an old woodshed couldn’t keep the snow out.

Many doorframes were blocked by snow. And in Redwood, a garage looked more like the inside of a freezer unopened in years.

Many have said it, but this will be a storm to remember, with plenty of stories to tell and retell.

See more photos from viewers who posted storm pictures and videos to our Send It To 7 page below: