Watertown’s new YMCA location construction is coming along

Published: Jan. 13, 2023 at 5:36 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - It’s hard to miss the steel foundations that have erupted in Watertown. They’re part of the construction process for Watertown’s New YMCA. The interior is starting to take shape, so we got a look inside.

After years of planning, and a summer groundbreaking, Downtown Watertown’s new YMCA is taking shape.

“The ceilings will remain open like this so we’ll have lots of air and lots of light,” said YMCA of Watertown CEO, Denise Young.

Right now, most of the structure’s shell is complete. Dividing walls are going up and tiles are laid in some rooms.

“As far as from the thought to the done, we’re 80% of the way. If you’re talking about from the day of construction to done, then we’re 60% of the way,” said Young.

Coming with the new YMCA, a large indoor track and plenty of space for other recreational activities.

“Tennis courts and pickleball courts will start at that post. At that Column,” said Young.

The area above those courts will require a roof replacement to give games the space they need.

“And to do that, you’ve gotta have a higher roof,” said Young.

Two of the Y’s most eagerly anticipated additions still have a ways to go.

A pair of indoor pools will take the place of gravel pits. Foundations are in place and the steel is being built up.

“To talk about bringing up steel. When was the last time we say steel going up into the air in downtown Watertown?” said Young.

According to city planner Mike Lumbis, steel like this hasn’t been erected downtown since the 90s. According to him, projects like this are a good sign for the city’s future.

“Just really keeps that momentum going. Just hope to keep building from here and keep the redevelopment of downtown moving in the right direction,” said Lumbis.

A lot of steel laid with plenty more to go. Watertown’s new Y is expected to be opening up this coming November. When it does, the Y’s current location will be converted into offices for the company and childcare.