Optimism about job market hits all-time high, says local survey

Published: Jan. 27, 2023 at 5:09 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Optimism about the local job market has never been this high, according to a new community survey done by Jefferson Community College. So why are people encouraged?

“It is just a really unique situation in our community. Yes, we have more jobs open than job seekers,” said Cheryl Mayforth, director of The WorkPlace.

JCC’s survey says 30% of participants rate the availability of jobs as either “excellent or good”. That’s an all-time high.

The advice is to capitalize on it.

“Jump. Get into the job market right now. Take advantage of when things are good because we can’t predict tomorrow,” said Mayforth.

Jefferson County Agricultural Coordinator Jay Matteson says people have a right to be optimistic. According to him, students graduating with agricultural degrees have a 98% chance of securing a job fresh out of college

“You graduate with a 4-year degree, there’s a job out there someplace for you as long as you’re willing to travel,” he said.

Matteson points to places like HP Hood in LaFargeville and Great Lakes Cheese in Adams that are recruiting. He says plenty of other companies are looking for delivery drivers who hold the right license.

“There’s a lot of jobs out there. You just have to work to find them a little bit,” he said.

But availability doesn’t necessarily mean people are taking jobs. According to Matteson, on average, younger people are working less and it’ll take some time to meet the demand for jobs.

“When I say generational, I mean generational. It will be another 20 years before we move past this issue,” he said.