Wax on snow, a wintertime sweet treat

Wax on snow
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 6:01 AM EST
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CROGHAN, New York (WWNY) - North country natives have likely heard of or tried wax on snow, but for anyone who hasn’t, we head over to Moser’s Maple in Croghan.

“Today we’re going to talk about wax on snow,” owner Jake Moser said, “or jack wax, is another name for it. Jack wax is probably one of the earliest forms of candy, like a lot of kids are introduced to, especially if you’re part of a maple family.”

It’s sweet, it’s chewy, and it’s easy to make.

“What we like to start with normally is a little syrup, and a little syrup goes a long way,” Moser said. “I normally do a cup or a cup-and-a-half of syrup.”

Boil it up until you can see the syrup start to ball up when put in cold water. In the meantime, you can get a sheet of snow ready.

“Only forewarning is, always avoid the dreaded yellow snow,” Moser said,

Then it’s time to pour.

“We’re rapidly cooling it down, which is making it thicken up and you’ve got a taffy that you can kind of chew on and eat and enjoy.”

Believe it or not, maple season is already upon us. Some producers have already started tapping and soon the syrup will be flowing. Until then, a little wax on snow can satiate the sweet tooth.

“Syrup isn’t just for pancakes, you can use it for so many things,” Moser said.

What could be more north country than snow and syrup? If this treat thrills you, keep your eye out for Maple Weekend. That’s coming up in a few weeks.