Electrician calls Watertown Golf Club wiring a ‘real crappy job,’ Lundy pushes back

Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 5:27 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - We have our first look at the electrical works at the city of Watertown’s newly-acquired golf club clubhouse.

7 news obtained photos of the building’s ground floor wiring from city hall via the state’s Freedom of Information Law. (See the photos below the article)

We asked a local electrician, Mike Doney of Doney Electric, to look at the photos.

Doney pointed out several issues, such as a working light shouldn’t be hanging by its wires, and junction boxes and breaker boxes shouldn’t be left uncovered. For the furnace to run without a door on the front, Doney says that’s a no-no and someone had to bypass a pressure switch.

He calls the photos “unbelievable” and says the wiring is a “real crappy job.”

“Whoever did this wiring is not an electrician because no electrician in his right mind would do a tenth of what is done here. In my opinion, it should be all redone,” he said.

Doney estimated it would cost $15,000 to redo the electrical works.

There is $100,000 of previous owner Mike Lundy’s money set aside to fix problems that arise like this.

He says what we see in the pictures is a work in progress, that his crew was in the middle of renovations and when the city closed on the property, it changed the locks on the building, meaning Lundy’s workers no longer had access to finish the work.

Lundy took ownership of the golf course in 2018. He sold it to the city in January.

Lundy says his contract with the city says he has until April 1 to make sure the building and golf course are ready to be turned over to the city.

He says people are making a mountain out of a molehill.

The city didn’t do an official inspection of the clubhouse before it paid $3.4 million for the golf course.