Happy Period: Erasing the stigma of menstruation

Happy Period North Country
Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 6:02 AM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Most people are uncomfortable talking about periods, but Happy Period North Country is out to change that.

“If it were an open conversation in the same way we talk about needing to use the bathroom or getting a nosebleed, it would be less expensive and it would be considered healthcare,” Tanya Roy said.

Every woman menstruates, but not every woman can afford products needed for it.

“Ten percent of women in the north country at some point have either missed work or school because they haven’t had proper menstruation care,” Roy said. “It’s a worldwide problem. Period product is the number-three requested product at food pantries across the world.”

Happy Period North Country is a not-for-profit made of volunteers who assemble period packs and distribute them to community organizations. Each pack has 28 products with varying sizes and uses.

So far, the group has helped thousands of women.

“We would like period products to be free in all three counties and available at all times,” Roy said. “We want to end period poverty in the north country.”

But providing products is just one step in combating the issue. De-stigmatizing menstruation and recognizing the need for products as preventative healthcare is the bigger goal.

“If we don’t talk about it,” Roy said, “it can’t get fixed.”