Why opening of new Great Bend Stewart’s Shops is delayed

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 4:06 PM EST
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GREAT BEND, New York (WWNY) - A newly constructed Stewart’s Shop sits on Route 3 in Great Bend directly behind the store it is set to replace.

“We constructed the new store and then as winter approached we were faced with whether we take down the existing store or not,” said Chuck Marshall, manager of real estate, Stewart’s Shops.

Taking down the old store is necessary to finish the new project. A new water main needs to be installed where the old building sits. Shutting off the water in order to do so would affect more than just Stewart’s.

“We want to make sure the people on the other side of that are not disrupted for a long period of time. So, we want to make sure this is very efficient,” said Champion Town Supervisor Brian Peck.

Keeping the gas pumps on in Great Bend along with not wanting to cause a disruption in water service to residents are the reasons Marshall says Stewart’s put a pause on the project.

“We felt that would leave a community without gas access for 10 or 15 miles. It is a business and we acknowledge that, but we also tried to be integral parts of the community,” he said.

Both Marshall and Peck believe that by spring the new shop should be back on track to open its doors.

“Over the next month, we’ll be developing the plan. We’ll communicate that with the neighbors, and then in that April - May time period, we’ll be back under construction,” said Marshall.

“I think it’s all going to come together very nicely. Improved safety, improved convenience, and it will be a great asset to the residents and the surrounding community in Great Bend,” said Peck.

Stewart’s Shops recently opened a new location in Watertown and has approved plans for another location in Gouverneur.