Your Turn: feedback on town hall dispute, city losing money & new fire hall

Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 3:52 PM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - The Hammond Town Hall was mistakenly built over land belonging to someone else. The landowner wants the town to buy his entire parcel, but the town is talking about using eminent domain:

If anyone else did this, they would have to tear it down and start over. Why should the town be any different?

Gordon Baxter

I can’t believe the property owner did not realize this was happening.

Anthony Rector

The town messed up. Pay the man.

Andrew T Bowden

The taxpayers either way are footing the bill!

Tom Gillott

When it comes to running the Watertown Golf Club, the city will lose money. But council member Lisa Ruggiero says the city loses a lot more money running the arena and it seems to bother no one:

Makes perfect sense. If you are already losing money on one facility, you should definitely invest in another money-losing facility.

Paula Murphy

Good Lord. Is there nobody that can make intelligent decisions and look at the bottom line?

Sally Thomson Delavergne

After a holdup in getting money promised from the state, work is well underway on the Oxbow Fire Department’s new fire station:

Wonderful! I’m glad they finally got the money they needed.

Nanette Dotter Eckel

They saved my house from burning to the ground. These men and women deserve nothing but the best!

Tammi Dindl