Tiny art: New gallery opens in Croghan

Tiny art: New gallery opens in Croghan
Published: Mar. 6, 2023 at 6:38 AM EST
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CROGHAN, New York (WWNY) - Connie Noftsier makes tiny art.

“These are going to be little embroidered pendants for jewelry,” said Noftsier, who runs the George Street Tiny Art Gallery in Croghan.

She takes her inspiration from nature, where most things are miniscule.

“You can really get the details in nature using a big microscope and a tiny needle,” she said.

And even larger inspirations can be shrunk.

“These are little landscapes,” she said, showing some of her work. This one is Deer and Fairyland islands and Steamboat Island.

While she does have a full-sized gallery, it only makes sense to open a mini one, too.

“So here is the George Street Tiny Art Gallery,” Noftsier said. “You just turn the door like this and there it is!”

But this gallery isn’t just for her art. It’s for everyone’s.

“I was thinking, what could I do to raise awareness for art in our community?: she said. “You can choose a piece, any piece, it’s all free, and if you can, bring a piece to replace what’s there and just enjoy the funness of making and sharing art.”

Sometimes the littlest of things have the biggest impact.

“Art is uplifting and encouraging,” Noftsier said, and “just can bring a little smile to your face.”