Watertown on hook for electrical work at city golf course

Watertown city council meeting
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 5:38 AM EST
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Watertown will have to pay for electrical problems at the Thompson Park Golf Course.

City manager Ken Mix made that revelation at Monday night’s city council meeting when asked about progress on work inside the club house of the former Watertown Golf Club.

Mix says an independent electrical inspection was done inside the building last week.

The inspector told the city there is “quite a bit” that needs to be done.

Mix says the course’s former owner Mike Lundy will not cover those electrical costs.

Mix says the city has a new deal over what Lundy will pay for and what it will pay for.

Here is part of Mix’s explanation to council member Sarah Compo Pierce, who asked about the electrical work:

“We are going to take responsibility for some of the things that were in the purchase agreement, and he will provide, the money will come from the escrow account,” Mix said.

Compo Pierce: “Okay, so the electrical is not included?”

Mix: “No.”

Lundy had set aside $100,000 in escrow for fixes at the course but how that money will be used has changed.

How that has changed is unclear. 7 News will be looking into that more.

In the meantime, Mix says the city plans to get an engineer’s estimate sometime this week on what it will cost to make the fixes.

Hydro consultant resolution tabled a 2nd time

The council tabled a resolution that would bring on a hydropower consultant to look at power and recreational opportunities on the Black River.

It’s the second time it has been tabled.

The city manager said the resolution is too broad in scope and could make it hard to find a single firm with expertise in all aspects.

Council member Cliff Olney introduced the proposal.

“We have got a beautiful river and I think much more can be done and it has sat there for years,” Olney said, “so I just see this as an opportunity to have somebody come in to give us another set of eyes on what we are already trying to understand.”

Council members opted to rework the resolution and set up more specific criteria so city staff can understand what exactly they would be looking for.

It was unclear when the council will take the resolution up again.

SAFER grant gets green light

The lawmakers gave Fire Chief Matt Timerman the green light to apply for a federal SAFER grant.

If awarded, it would allow the department to bring on four more firefighters at no cost for three years.

Timerman says that could save the city more than $1.3 million.

The SAFER grant program, however, is set to expire in September. There will be no money to award unless the program is renewed.