Beauty and the Beast on Ice in Ogdensburg

March 22 at 6:45 at OFA Auditorium
March 22nd an Ogdensburg Command Performance
March 22nd an Ogdensburg Command Performance(OCP)
Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 4:52 PM EDT
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Ogdensburg – Tickets are still available for an upcoming performance of “Beauty and the Beast on Ice,” March 22 at 6:45 p.m. at George Hall Auditorium, according to Ogdensburg Command Performances Administrator Sally F. Palao.

The show is created and marketed through a company known as “Fairytales On Ice,” according to Mrs. Palao. She said the international touring group is famous for taking well-known fairytales and mixing them with modern music, theatrical storylines, and special effects.

The shows are also unique in that they are presented to the audience on a stage of synthetic ice.

The OCP administrator said patrons will see world champion ice skaters, cirque performers, and live singers bringing the magical and well-known tale to life.

“This is a perfect family event for the north country,” Mrs. Palao said. “The storyline, music and costumes are colorful and engaging, and the use of synthetic ice is impressive. After all, this is hockey and figure skating country.”

Alex Wilfand, President of Ice Creative Entertainment, said the Beauty and the Beast on Ice storyline unfolds in the heart of France.

“Beauty is one of many siblings and falls behind their large personalities. Until one day when her father encounters the beast on his way home from selling his trinkets at sea,” Mr. Wilfand said in an email. “Belle and the beast fall in love, and the rest is history.”

“Our message of the story is that happiness is founded on virtue, emphasizing that honesty is always best,” he said.

The synthetic ice that will be used to transform the high school auditorium stage in Ogdensburg comes in sheets that are installed seamlessly in just a matter of hours, according to the upcoming show’s organizers.

The stage company says the plastic ice is “put together like a puzzle, and patrons will never believe it’s not frozen.

“This is an amazing opportunity to bring the magic of professional skating to a venue that you would never expect to see it in,” promoters say.

This original fairy tale will be reinterpreted with “upbeat, modern music, theatrical story lines, and out of this world special effects, all on the stage in George Hall Auditorium in Ogdensburg,” according to OCP.

For tickets call 315-393 2625, email or visit .