Your Turn: feedback on golf course appraisal, Canton plaza & driverless buggy

Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 3:02 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - A professional appraisal of the Thompson Park Golf Course has found the city of Watertown paid almost 3 times more than what its value is:

It’s outrageous...There is NOTHING that was done correctly in this deal.

Michelle Badour Tinsley

Don’t care as long as residential housing doesn’t infringe upon the park...Good acquisition!

Craig Ellingsworth

I have believed from the beginning that there was something underhanded about all of this.

Richard King

Canton’s abandoned Midtown Plaza could be renovated and turned into affordable apartments, commercial space and an extension of a local college:

It’s smart in theory. Now let’s hope it is actually affordable so that it doesn’t help to continue raising rent prices.

McKenzie Powell

That plaza is old. What kind of condition is it in? Seems like demolition would be a better idea.

Noah Herne

An Amish buggy without a driver to control the horses traveled roughly two miles on one of Watertown’s busiest streets before colliding with vehicles:

I was driving on the overpass when this buggy went by me. I thought it was strange that it was going that fast.

Emily Jewett Lambert

I’d be interested to see any cameras in the parking lot to see if someone untied them. This is crazy unusual for something like this to happen.

Sarah Losos