Tomorrow’s Health: Opioids & suicides, treating liver disease, menthol & lung damage

Tomorrow's Health
Published: Apr. 11, 2023 at 6:56 AM EDT
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(WWNY) - There’s a possible breakthrough in treating liver problems and a look at the link between opioids and suicide.

Opioids & suicides

New research finds regions of the U.S. with the greatest decrease in opioid prescriptions also had the greatest decline in suicide deaths.

There was concern suicide rates would spike as doctors shifted to prescribing fewer opioids, but a study at Columbia University found changes in opioid prescriptions and suicide rates tend to move in the same direction.

Treating liver disease

Researchers in Michigan say they are making progress developing a medication to treat a form of fatty liver disease.

Right now, there is no effective treatment for the condition known as NASH, a disease that causes scarring and inflammation of the liver.

NASH has become the primary cause of chronic liver disease.

Menthol & lung damage

Mint flavor may make vaping more appealing to some, but a new study finds the flavor could potentially damage the lungs.

Researchers say e-cigarette liquids containing menthol generate a greater amount of toxic micro-particles.

Analysis shows people who vape with menthol took shallower breaths and had inferior lung function compared to non-menthol vapers.