North Country residents take advantage of summer-like weather

Published: Apr. 15, 2023 at 5:42 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Streets were bustling, and the sun was shining as warm weather made its return to the North Country.

“The weather is gorgeous. Everyone should get out and enjoy it while we have it,” said Lisa Langevin.

Seeking some fun in the sun, many took to Thompson Park where, for the first time this year, parking was packed.

“It’s gorgeous. It’s amazing,” said Amber Pickford.

Saturday marked the first day of the year Pickford could hold a family picnic in the park. She says it’s a refreshing change of pace after a long winter.

“The kids like it outside in the winter, but they love it more outside in the summer. They get to go out and play on the playground. They get to go swimming, go to the park, all that,” said Pickford.

Others had their sights set on something else entirely: buried treasure.

Meet Nicholas Deegan. Now that the ground has thawed, he’s been able to resume his search for historical artifacts in the park.

“There’s a lot of history up here and stuff. Just trying to find silver coins, rings, stuff like that from the olden days when the park was first built,” said Deegan.

Deegan also ended up with a few bottle caps.

“Probably used to make them out of better metal back then,” said Deegan.

And the warm weather makes life easier for athletes who are finally able to take their activities back outdoors.

“I don’t have to stay home and rake leaves. I enjoy playing pop tennis,” said Tony Tarzie.

Although things are set to cool down next week, North Country residents took advantage of this small sample of summer.