Your Turn: feedback on Native American name ban, electric cars & earthquake

Published: Apr. 24, 2023 at 2:28 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - The state Board of Regents voted to ban Native American names, mascots and logos in public schools. Now, the Indian River Central School District is looking at changing its Warrior name and logo:

I’m so tired of this woke BS.

Steve Anderson

Using Native Americans as mascots devalues an entire culture.

Sam Johnson

Are we changing the name of our river? Is that next? Let’s celebrate history, not change it.

Jenn Young

Being one of the major schools for Fort Drum, why can’t they keep the “Warrior” name and just change the logo?

Larry Pratt

Electric cars were on display over the weekend at SUNY Canton’s campus to promote the switch from gas to electric:

It’s time we stop our dependence on oil...Electric motors are 70 percent more efficient than gasoline engines.

Shawna Sierra Galloway

The mining and disposal of the batteries is far worse than the emissions from gas cars...Where is all the electricity coming from?

Cyril Hebert

A lot of you felt Sunday afternoon’s earthquake centered in the town of Adams:

Real scary here on Winslow St. in the city (Watertown)! Sounded like the house was falling in.

Susan Burgess

Live near Fort Drum and...thought it was one of their helicopters flying really low.

Barb Conley

Felt in Calcium. I thought the train was coming through but there was a pop, and our house shook differently than with the train.

Laura Finley