Couple celebrates 75 years of marriage

Published: Apr. 26, 2023 at 4:46 PM EDT
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CLAYTON, New York (WWNY) - For 93-year-olds Bob and Audrey Lashomb of Clayton, Monday marked a marriage milestone - 75 years as husband and wife.

“I know I chose the right one. What about you, Bob,” said Audry.

“Well you won’t let me say anything different,” said Bob.

“Do you think you chose the right one,” Audry laughed.

“Yes,” Bob replied.

What began as schoolyard teasing in the Grindstone Island schoolhouse blossomed into romance in their senior year when Bob asked Audrey to the movies.

“We were high school sweethearts,” said Audrey.

Soon after that came marriage and a family that has continued to grow over the years.

When they weren’t busy raising family, Bob and Audrey have spent the bulk of their time on the water sailing the St. Lawrence River, and adventuring overseas.

“Sailed the Nile in a sailboat. We’ve crossed the Sea of Galilee. We’ve been on the Mediterranean. We’ve been all over,” said Audrey.

After 75 years of marriage, Bob shared his secret to success.

“Just let her be the boss. Everything goes pretty smooth,” he said.

Although their anniversary has already taken place, a private celebration will be held on Grindstone Island this Sunday.

Audrey says it’s being planned by her daughter, Becky, and a lot of the party’s finer details will wind up being surprises.