What you need to know about next week’s school budget vote

Published: May. 8, 2023 at 4:34 PM EDT
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(WWNY) - Tuesday, May 16 is voting day for school budgets. What people are voting on will vary from district to district, as is how to find information on your school’s spending plan.

“There’s a mailing that goes out from all of the district offices within each school district to the residents of that district,” said Jefferson-Lewis BOCES Superintendent Stephen Todd.

Those mailers break down the budget and include information on projects and propositions up for vote like buying new buses or fixing the library. Also, details on school board candidates can be included.

“Some of those are very long and detailed pamphlets, and some of them are more brief. But, they all contain the basic information, and in some cases exceed that with even more information,” said Todd.

Another method for voters to get up to date on their budgets is their school district’s website. Many, like LaFargeville Central School District’s homepage, provide an electronic copy of the budget and answers to frequently asked questions.

“These documents online are completely transparent and thorough. I think a lot of districts do exactly the same things or very similar things. I think community members need to know that they can go to their school district’s website and find this information about their school district, and be an educated voter when it comes time in May,” said LaFargeville Central School District Superintendent Travis Hoover.

Along with voting on the approval of yearly budgets, certain school districts like the Watertown City School District will also be voting on the individuals who make up its school board.

Voting is on Tuesday, May 16. The time the polls are open varies from district to district.