Family concerned about power line going through their land

Published: May. 9, 2023 at 5:28 PM EDT
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TOWN OF PAMELIA, New York (WWNY) - National Grid is considering putting in a transmission line through the town of Pamelia. For one family, it could affect the land they’ve owned for more than 200 years.

A path to 4-wheel, towering sugarbush trees, a home full of history, and a cemetery where the man who built that home hundreds of years ago is laid to rest.

“Our roots go deeper into this ground than any family I have ever met,” said Kristy Wilson, property owner.

About a week ago, the family found a few stakes throughout their property, each with the word “structure” written on it followed by a number.

Some of the land is where Carol Buzzell’s son was set to build a new home.

“All their life plans and dreams are gone because this transmission line is going to divide their 14 acres right in half with no place to build,” said Carol Buzzell, property owner and Wilson’s mother.

Wilson said a National Grid representative first came to her last fall.

“He was just asking permission to go out and walk on the land. I stupidly signed it. I didn’t know exactly what it was, and he made it sound like I wasn’t signing away any rights. I was very clear with that,” she said.

Wilson said no one has spoken to her or her family about the stakes, but she believes they speak for themselves.

“I would at least like them to come and talk to me and at least tell us what your intentions are because all we know is what we can see and feel,” she said.

The family’s assumption is that new power lines will lead to Fort Drum. But 7 News learned that’s not the case.

National Grid said the possible project doesn’t have anything to do with Fort Drum.

“National Grid is exploring construction of a transmission line between Chaumont and Evans Mills to improve reliability for its customers in the Greater Watertown area. Landowners along the route were notified of this project by National Grid, and our survey crews are performing work on properties where landowners have provided written permission,” a utility spokesperson wrote in an email.


After this story first aired this evening, we received additional information from National Grid.

A spokesperson said, “Landowners signed an agreement to allow National Grid to perform survey work on their property. There are additional steps in the process before the line is built that includes interaction between the landowner and National Grid.”

So, while work is being done, there is no plan to build anything yet.