Town of Henderson sewer project plans hit another snag

Published: May. 10, 2023 at 5:39 PM EDT
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TOWN OF HENDERSON, New York (WWNY) - Town of Henderson officials say a planned sewer project has hit another snag.

Colman McGann is one of many Henderson residents wondering when a town sewer project will be finished. It’s been planned for three years but has run into several problems.

“Nothing is easy as they say. We moved here two years ago with the understanding it was coming quite imminently,” said McGann.

The town of Henderson had previously aimed to put its planned sewer district up to bid by June, a major step towards construction.

Town Supervisor Ed Glaser says now it’s more likely they’ll be seeking bids sometime between August and November.

“We decided it would be better for the community if we waited a bit longer,” he said.

The town’s bond counsel recommended holding off on a bid until grants had been secured for the entire project. That would eliminate the risk of the project stalling before it is complete.

“We didn’t want to violate anybody’s constitutional rights. We didn’t want to sit there and maybe by a long shot not build in the whole district,” said Glaser.

The project encompasses two sewer districts. The town has funding for one, but not the second, which is comprised of areas like Snowshoe Road, White’s Bay, Hovey Island, and Association Island. It’s currently looking to secure grant funding.

“These are all very important parts of the community. I don’t want to push off the blame but we are doing everything we can do at this point to sit there and get the system up and going,” said Glaser.

“It’s just sad that it didn’t happen as quickly as it could but I don’t think we can point fingers or hang anyone out to dry,” said McGann.

Meanwhile, the wait could cause more problems for the historic Gillhouse. Its opening has been delayed because of the sewer project.

Glaser says the town has been working with the state to get the Gillhouse open despite the delays, but has had mixed responses.