Patriot Pride Day sees Sackets Harbor students helping the community

Published: May. 12, 2023 at 5:19 PM EDT
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SACKETS HARBOR, New York (WWNY) - Students spread out around the Sackets Harbor community Friday with hammers, hoses, and other tools in hand.

Students from preschool through high school chipped in for Sackets Harbor Central’s Patriot Pride Day.

“It’s a 20 year tradition that we recognize the impact that our community has on our school,” said Sackets Harbor Central School Principal Chris Dollar.

It’s a day when students give back to a community which funds their school and with local businesses that provide internships and learning opportunities for students.

With tasks ranging from cleaning fire-trucks to scraping graves, students are helping make their home prettier.

“I don’t know, I just like to give back and help people,” said 8th grader Chris Martin.

“Just giving back to the community that’s helped my mom and grandmother and grandfather raise me. I’ve been here all 18 years of my life,” said senior Benjamin Bachner.

Tasks, like mulching flower beds, were divvied up by age group. It helps keep things fresh even for students who have been showing their Patriot pride for nearly ten years.

“Usually, every year we do something different. It’s always fun. It’s always here, it’s outside. The weather has been usually good,” said sophomore Ethan Tracy.

“Usually don’t plan it that way, but it always works out,” said 8th grader Tanner Sholett.

One particular cleanup effort took students all the way out to Route 3 where they picked up trash. One tells us they found some interesting stuff.

“We found a kiddie pool. We found an election sign. We found a lot of weird stuff,” said sophomore Paige Resto.

And she can’t thank the community enough for how it’s supported her school.

“A lot of people don’t realize how big of an effect they have on it. So being able to help out, it’s a pretty good feeling,” said Resto.

Patriot Pride wrapped up around 2 PM, leaving a noticeable mark on the community.