Many were learning from their fathers at the Constableville Arts & Crafts Fair and Cruise-In

Published: Jun. 18, 2023 at 6:20 PM EDT
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CONSTABLEVILLE, New York (WWNY) - Two dads were on the grill celebrating Father’s Day at the Constableville 51st Annual Arts & Crafts Fair and Cruise-In.

One of them is Joe Earl.

“You got to really pay attention to what’s going on, chicken has to be turned, flopped, and the way you tell if the chicken is done- This is the leg part, and if that twists it’s done and if doesn’t twist, the chicken isn’t done,” said Earl.

Earl says for decades, he and his wife have shared their love for chicken BBQ with the community. A passion Earl also passed down to his children.

“Something that I have taught both of my sons, how to cook the chicken. My one son does a big business with his family and we just love doing this stuff,” said Earl.

The other dad on the grill was Derek Stewart teaching his son Jonathan how to handle the pit.

“When you are at a grill, life is a little bit different. You think about things a little differently, you are just hanging out and the kids learn it isn’t always the rush, it’s more the calmness, the coolness, the hanging out,” said Stewart.

Something else dads enjoy working on: cars. A hobby Allen Lachausse passed on to his sons.

“I run a body shop at night after work from the bus garage, and they’d come out in the garage and help me once their school work was done,” said Lachausse.

A trade which Allen says kept his sons out of trouble.

“It kept them off the streets and I knew were they were at all the time,” said Lachausse.

Allen recently helped his son John restore a 1940 Ford pick-up truck which made an appearance at a national V8 Club meet last week in Michigan and won an award.

John says he appreciates what he’s learned from his dad.

Passing down family traditions from one father to the next.