Ag Weekly: It’s more than a candy bar at north country chocolatier

Apothecary Chocolates
Published: Jul. 19, 2023 at 6:02 AM EDT
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COLTON, New York (WWNY) - With flavors like lemon and pistachio, bacon and bourbon, caramel and cayenne, Apothecary Chocolates in Colton are unlike any other.

“So, we really try to put flavors together that are unique and different using ingredients that aren’t only delicious, but you feel special eating them,” owner Shelby Connelly said.

It’s all made by hand. Every truffle, toffee, cream, and bar. And if that isn’t sweet enough, the company puts a big emphasis on using local ingredients.

“We try to go as close to Colton as possible, then work our way out,” Connelly said. “That’s the most fun, working with the people who make ingredients for us. The products they produce are delicious and you can’t find them anywhere, and even if you do, they’re not made with the same handmade gourmet quality that we have here.”

Apothecary Chocolates uses local creams, herbs, botanicals, and tree syrups.

“Birch, maple, beech, and balsam fir,” Connelly said.

The idea for Apothecary Chocolates actually came from working at a wellness facility, Five Elements Living, because what could be better for wellness than a sweet treat?

“Chocolates alone have antioxidants, but then the herbs are more of a balancing herb,” Connelly said. “But then, beyond antioxidants there’s a calming feeling you get when you have something decadent that’s a treat. The indulgence feels good, but more importantly, it’s the self-acknowledgement we give ourselves.”

With the combo of wellness and uniqueness, the company is now selling in 32 stores across several states — with humble beginnings in Colton.