Your Turn: feedback on diocese bankruptcy, billboard & Colesante’s Tavern

Published: Jul. 24, 2023 at 2:57 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - In the wake of more than 100 sexual abuse lawsuits, the Diocese of Ogdensburg has filed for bankruptcy. The diocese says it ensures all victims will receive just compensation. Lawyers for victims say the church is trying to conceal the truth:

Disgusting but totally predictable. The Roman Catholic Church continues to victimize the sexual abuse victims that they created.

Desmo Nick

Sell some of the booty in the Vatican. They’d have enough money then.

Jeanne Chetney Bulriss

A Watertown developer is using his own billboard to criticize a radio station owner for refusing to allow him on the air:

No one is obligated to provide you the platform to your free speech. If he wants to share his message, he can stand in the square with a bullhorn.

Jon Terpstra

He has the right to put up the billboard. You have the right to ignore it.

Bruce Johnson

Sounds like a little personal battle between 2 people who think they’re right.

Sally Thomson Delavergne

A Watertown tavern celebrated a milestone over the weekend. Colesante’s Tavern on Factory Street celebrated its 90th birthday:

I don’t care what your status is in life. At some point, you had a drink there. That is a true landmark of Watertown.

C.j. Oatman

90 years of stocking coolers, serving drinks, greeting patrons. Job well done.

Susan Flavin