3rd annual AnchorCon returns to Clayton

Published: Aug. 19, 2023 at 5:22 PM EDT
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CLAYTON, New York (WWNY) - It’s one of the only times you’ll see Mandalorian and Optimus Prime in the same building.

AnchorCon, the North Country’s premiere celebration of all things fandom and nerd culture is back.

“I’m looking to take pictures with all of my friends who I’ve seen in the past and really just have a good time,” said Cedric Bagget, AnchorCon participant.

The event draws in comic lovers, casual fans, and even some celebrities but many will tell you the main draw is dressing up like your favorite character, known as cosplay.

“So, we have young kids that can barely walk that are coming in all decorated and all dressed up with cosplay as well as folks that are in some serious costumes that they make themselves,” said Kiki Leech, AnchorCon Co-Chair.

Storm Coleman donned an original costume, hitting AnchorCon as “Jester”, the protector of equality. He handsewn it himself.

“A lot of people thought I was on stilts but I’m actually 6 foot 10. I’ve been 6 foot 10 since I was 18 years old,” said Coleman.

He has some words of advice for aspiring cosplayers.

“You’re never too old to have fun. You’re never too old to go out and enjoy a moment with somebody else,” said Coleman.

Robert Paul Day may not have Coleman’s height, but he makes up for it with big builds like an 8-foot-tall Optimus Prime costume.

“I’m not getting any younger. That’s kind of the way I feel about all of this. I’m going to put my heart and soul into it and do the best I can to get a pleasing event or character,” said Paul Day.

For those looking to capture their cosplay, Goblin Market brought quite the device.

“It consists of 105 cameras. It can quickly make a 3D model based on whatever goes inside of it,” said David Sammons, Owner, Goblin Market Studio.

And although fun, the device does have a legitimate use.

“Frequently I’ve had people that want to get a copy of their favorite cosplay as a figurine instead of an image,” said Sammons.

AnchorCon will run through Sunday. The money raised will benefit Clayton’s Rotary Club.