Potential buyers eye former Bonnie Castle Recreation Center

Published: Aug. 21, 2023 at 5:03 PM EDT
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TOWN OF ALEXANDRIA, New York (WWNY) - The vacant Bonnie Castle Recreation Center has become a popular site for redevelopment with several people eyeing the property.

Once home to the Thousand Island Privateers, Bonnie Castle Recreation Center along Route 12 in the town of Alexandria remains locked, out of reach to the public.

The town purchased the property in 2019.

“We’ve done maintenance, we’ve done work up there, we’ve done testing, we’ve had plans done, and that’s kind of where we stand now,” said

Brent Sweet, town supervisor.

A group called Alexandria Bay Rising took an interest in the property. Project consultant Jerry Stucchi says it has been looking to buy around 30 acres of the vacant land to build an amphitheater, water park, and possibly a skating rink.

“We sent in a letter of intent, and we even had the board pass a resolution that we would have the right to develop that. When we went to move to the next step, which is the legal part of it where we would try to close on the property, we were told their posture had changed,” said Stucchi.

What changed is more potential buyers. One was willing to purchase the entire property.

“Well, we’ve had some interest in people who want it as a whole, so we’re entertaining that and we’re talking to them,” said Sweet.

A parcel of the property has been recommended for a new Customs and Border Protection facility.

Stucchi says if a deal can’t be reached in this location, hope is not lost. He says he’ll continue looking at sites in Alexandria Bay, Clayton, and even Ogdensburg.

“We believe up there, there is a dearth of entertainment venues. We feel that if we were to plug into movements towards there during the summer months for reacreation, we would all benefit,” he said.

Sweet says he continues to stay in contact with those who are interested and the town will continue to weigh its options.