Watertown’s welcome signs need work

Published: Aug. 23, 2023 at 5:12 PM EDT
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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) - Time is taking its toll on the signs which greet visitors to Watertown, but help is on the way.

A new committee formed by Watertown’s Rotary Club is looking to restore the signs.

The signs along the city’s outskirts used to be overseen by a committee led by former Watertown Mayor Tom Walker, but they have gradually fallen into disrepair.

“Of course, since he (Walker) passed away, there hasn’t really been anything done with it since,” said Lisa Ruggiero, city council and Rotary member.

Wear and tear is noticeable on nearly every sign. Arsenal Street’s lacks a welcome plaque. The one on Coffeen Street has fallen off of its stand.

“It’s disappointing that they haven’t been attended to in the recent past. It just really stimulates the desire to get it fixed. Let’s get together and make this a great entrance into the city,” said Rotary member Larry Sorel, who will head the committee to restore the signs.

Sorrell points out the signs are most people’s first impression of Watertown.

“We want people to know they’re coming in to Watertown. Have a great impression of Watertown, and the service organizations that are part of our community,” Sorel said.

The committee’s next step is to take inventory of the city signs. After that they’ll develop an action plan - Sorel is looking at a summer 2024 start for the sign restoration project.