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Richard J. Brown, 80, of Winthrop

Dorothy B. Flynn, 96, of Massena

Edward P. McNamara, 85, of Norwood

Michael A. Call, 83, of Lowville

Marilyn Kay Clark, 77, of Parishville

James L. Bennett, 73, Sackets Harbor

Duane G. June, 77, of Hammond

Clara (Peanut) Lincoln, 83, of Massena

Rocky D. Jackson, 62, of Norfolk

William H. “Bill” Trombley, 86, of South Colton

Kenneth G. Bodah, Sr. 76, of Watertown

William “Wally” Wilkins, 85, of Massena

Margaret “Peggy” Smith Joslyn, 86, of Glenfield

Marilyn K. Clark, 77, of Parishville

Robert Wayne “Bobby” Davies, 88, of Lowville

Peter K. Dickinson, 65, of Worth

Fawn K. Roberts, 46, of Gouverneur

David R. Rarick, 44, of Rodman

Duane G. June, 77, of Hammond

Cedric R. Sherwood, 85, of Boonville

Ellen R. Johnson, 89, formerly of Theresa and Alexandria Bay

Donald F. Pfister, 85, of Watertown

Kenneth G. Bodah, Sr, 76, of Watertown

Robert “Bobby” Gemmill, Sr., 52, formerly of Ogdensburg

James (Jim) Alfred Judson, 76, of Fishers Landing

Dolores A. McLaughlin, 90, of Watertown

Sean P. Amyot, 33, of Henderson

Sandra “Sandy” K. Dupuis, 61, of Massena

Evangeline C. “Vannie” Hayes, 92, of Clayton

Mary M. Krahn, 89, formerly of Clayton & Watertown