John Kubis

John Kubis

Chief Weathercaster


After a successful career reporting weather conditions for the Air Force, John joined the 7News team as the weekend weather personality and now is the Chief Weathercaster and appears weekdays on 7News This Evening, 7News at 10 on FOX, and 7News Tonight.

Recent Articles by John

  Sunny and warm this weekend.

  Showers tonight and Friday.

  Hot tomorrow.

  Risk of showers tomorrow.

  Risk of showers on Tuesday.

  Sunny and warm on Friday.

  Quiet the next couple days.

  Cooler weather on the way.

  Hot and humid through the weekend.

  Sunny on Thursday.

  No rain in sight.

  Quiet the next few days.

  Cool this weekend.

  Cooler this weekend.

  Much warmer the next few days.

  Showers likely tonight.

  Warmer on Friday.

  Warmer the next few days.

  Showers tonight and Wednesday.

  Warmer weather on the way.

  Much cooler this weekend.

  Strong storms on Friday.

  Not as hot on Thursday.

  Hot and humid on Wednesday.

  Hot and humid the next few days.

  Nice this weekend.

  Sunny on Friday.

  Nice through the weekend.

  Sunny and warm.

  Dry all week.