John Kubis

John Kubis

Chief Weathercaster


After a successful career reporting weather conditions for the Air Force, John joined the 7News team as the weekend weather personality and now is the Chief Weathercaster and appears weekdays on 7News This Evening, 7News at 10 on FOX, and 7News Tonight.

Recent Articles by John

  Cold and cloudy on Thursday.

  Snow in the forecast.

  Rain on the way.

  A bit warmer this weekend.

  Cool and cloudy tomorrow.

  Rain on the way.

  Dry on Wednesday.

  A dry day on Tuesday.

  More clouds on Friday.

  Warm and dry tomorrow.

  Dry couple days.

  Dry all week.

  Warmer this weekend.

  A cold day on Friday.

  Colder with some snow.

  Rain on the way.

  One really nice day.

  Rain on the way.

  Nice on Thursday.

  Mild with some showers.

  Warm on Tuesday.

  A cold end to the week.

  Some rain and snow tomorrow.

  Keeping it cloudy.

  Warmer this week.

  Cool down coming.

  Warm on Wednesday.

  Warming up.

  Cold couple days.

  Quiet on Thursday.