Career-Tech All-Star: Esther Shipman

The Canton Central senior is enrolled in the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES Allied Health program.

  Arts All-Star: Lyndon Cook

  Academic All-Star: Dylan Farr

  Career-Tech All-Star: Ethan Booth

  Arts All-Star: Jillian LeBel

  Academic All-Star: Ariana Rivera-Corona

  Arts All-Star: Kiera Duprey

Continued Coverage

  Academic All-Star: Madison Munn

  Arts All-Star: Anna Western

  Career-Tech All-Star: Drew Paluch

  Academic All-Star: Brady Hall

  Arts All-Star: Sloane Ryan

  Academic All-Star: Samuel Moses

  Career-Tech All-Star: Alyssa Shatraw

The Watertown student is the 7 News Career-Tech All-Star for December 8, 2020.

  Arts All-Star: McKenna Lalonde

McKenna Lalonde likes to give positive messages in her art, “because the world needs it.”

  Academic All-Star: Mark Fairchild

This week’s Academic All-Star is Mark Fairchild, a senior at South Jefferson Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Hugo Zabielowicz

The Lowville guitarist is the 7 News Arts All-Star for November 30, 2020.

  Academic All-Star: Phoebe Zagrobelny

  Career-Tech All-Star: Kaden Howard

  Arts All-Star: Emma Corbett

  Academic All-Star: Colton Storey

  Arts All-Star: Philip Marra III

  Academic All-Star: Sofia Gray

  Arts All-Star: Madison Allen

As a member of a military family, Madison Allen has seen a lot of cultures and different perspectives. And it shows in her art.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Garrett Fuller

Garrett Fuller grew up working on a farm and now he’s taking the skills he learned there to build his future from the ground up.

Missing Your All Star Certificate?

Did everyone receive their 7News All Star Certificate?

  Watch: celebrating North Country All-Stars

7 News couldn’t honor our North Country All-Stars with a banquet this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, so we made a television special for them.

  Academic All-Star: Carina Willard

This week’s Academic All-Star is Carina Willard, a senior at Heuvelton Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Alyssa Nugara

Alyssa Nugara has been singing her whole life.

  Academic All-Star: Jack Witkop

This week’s Academic All-Star is Jack Witkop, a senior at Massena Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Larissa Wiltse

Larissa Wiltse started dancing at 2 years old and has been in school musicals since she was in elementary school.

  Academic All-Star: Jadon Sullivan

This week’s Academic All-Star is Jadon Sullivan, a senior at Harrisville Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Abigail Wischerath

The South Jefferson euphonium player is the 7 News Arts All-Star for June 8, 2020.

  Academic All-Star: Shun Lei Win

This week’s Academic All-Star is Shun Lei Win, a senior at Indian River Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Garrett Gehrke

Garrett Gehrke has already put what he’s learned about electrical wiring at BOCES to good use.

  Arts All-Star: Jenna Canipe

Art is a way to unwind for Jenna Canipe.

  7 News All-Stars to receive on-air recognition

Each year 7 News honors its All-Stars with special dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn in Watertown, but the coronavirus pandemic makes that impossible.

  Academic All-Star: Sydney Jarvis

This week’s Academic All-Star is Sydney Jarvis, a senior at Norwood-Norfolk Central School.

  Arts All-Star: McEwen Thornton

McEwen Thornton got into theater to be like her big brother.

  7 News All-Stars to be honored with television special

Every year 7 News holds a reception to celebrate our student all-stars in academics, athletics, arts and career-tech. However, because of the pandemic, we're doing something a little different this year.

  Academic All-Star: Marina Wood

This week’s Academic All-Star is Marina Wood, a senior at Gouverneur Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Kierstin Getman

Kierstin Getman has been around children her entire life, so the early childhood education program at BOCES seemed like a good fit.

  Arts All-Star: Erica Scragg

Erica Scragg wants to become a professional animator, but for now she’s looking for her own style.

North Country All Stars to be Honored with Television Special

Airing on July 8th and 9th

  Academic All-Star: Sarah Weaver

This week’s Academic All-Star is Sarah Weaver, a senior at Madrid-Waddington Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Kayleigh Ronas

The talented dancer from Indian River is the 7 News Arts All-Star for May 11, 2020.

  Academic All-Star: Luke Lundy

This week’s Academic All-Star is Luke Lundy, a senior at Hammond Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Juleanna Duell

Juleanna Duell wants to work in a lab in a local hospital.

  Arts All-Star: Nick Henry

“Performing is one of my favorite things, really,” Nick Henry said, “It’s exciting, it’s fun.”

  Academic All-Star: Peter Harvill

Peter Harvill is this week’s 7 News Academic All-Star.

  Arts All-Star: Ashlyn Hilts

Ashlyn Hilts sometimes uses music as an escape.

  Academic All-Star: Chad Mason

This week’s Academic All-Star is Chad Mason, a senior at St. Lawrence Central High School.

  Arts All-Star: Emma Zehr

Emma Zehr plays the piano and the oboe – and she sings.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Kayley Walsh

The South Lewis student is studying veterinary practices at Jeff-Lewis BOCES.

  Academic All-Star: McKenna Cooney

This week's Academic All-Star is is McKenna Cooney, a senior at Immaculate Heart Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Amber Johnston

Amber Johnston says she’s been trying to do more facial expressions in her art.

  Academic All-Star: Ashton Colby

Schools may be closed due to COVID-19, but students are still learning from home. One of them is Ashton Colby, a senior at Morristown Central School. He's this week's Academic All-Star.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Macee Trudeau

Macee Trudeau wants to work in a beauty salon.

  Arts All-Star: Jaaron Thomas

Jaaron Thomas learns differently from other students.

  Arts All-Star: Zoe Williamson

For Zoe Williamson, music is a good stress reliever.

  Career-Tech All-Star Danielle Duprey

She's cooking up the start of a career in St. Lawrence County.

  Arts All-Star: Ysabella Miller

Ysabella Miller likes it when people mistake one of her paintings for a photograph.

  Athlete of the Week: Jackie Piddock

Jackie Piddock of South Jefferson had an exceptional season, averaging 25 points per game.

  Arts All-Star: Ryan Hayes

As much as he enjoys playing on his own, Ryan Hayes says playing with a group is even better.

  TV Dinner: an Irish feast

There’s no North Country Goes Green Irish festival this year, but you can still enjoy some great Irish food.

  Academic All-Star: Melanie Peabody

This week's Academic All-Star is Melanie Peabody, a senior at Clifton-Fine Central School.

  TV Dinner: ‘Strega Nona’

“Strega Nona” is a children’s book. It’s also a tasty pasta dish that’s perfect for Lent.

  Arts All-Star: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith wants to tell a story and he wants to share it with the world.

  Academic All-Star: Leah French

This week's Academic All-Star is Leah French, a senior at Hermon-DeKalb Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Casey Davis

Casey Davis is in her second year in the early childhood education program at the BOCES Bohlen Technical Center in Watertown.

  Arts All-Star: Phoebe Hall

Phoebe Hall's musical journey began with a large part in a show in kindergarten.

  Athlete of the Week: Makenna Boliver

Makenna Boliver of Beaver River has closed out an exceptional high school volleyball career.

  Academic All-Star: Trenton Barnes

This week's Academic All-Star is Trenton Barnes, a senior at LaFargeville Central School.

  Arts All-Star: J. Jake Thomas

J. Jake Thomas got bitten by the theater bug when he was in sixth grade.

  TV Dinner: Tequila Mango Flambé

It's Valentine's Day and Chef Chris Manning shows us a romantic dessert.

  Academic All-Star: Matthew McIntosh

This week's Academic All-Star is Matthew McIntosh, a senior at Lowville Academy and Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Justin Geyer

Justin Geyer is learning how to fix cars.

  Arts All-Star Hailey Hunt

Hailey Hunt wants to be a doctor, but the lessons she's learned from dance will always be with her.

  TV Dinner: Chicken Paprikash

It's a simple and satisfying dish Chef Chris Manning used to make when he worked at the Renaissance Restaurant in Watertown.

  Academic All-Star: Riley Aubertine

This week's Academic All-Star is Riley Aubertine, a senior at Lyme Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Matthew Garrison

Matthew Garrison says writing can be frustrating. He even wrote a poem about how hard it can be.