Academic All-Star: Mark Fairchild

This week’s Academic All-Star is Mark Fairchild, a senior at South Jefferson Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Kaden Howard

  Arts All-Star: Emma Corbett

  Academic All-Star: Colton Storey

  Arts All-Star: Philip Marra III

  Academic All-Star: Sofia Gray

  Arts All-Star: Madison Allen

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  Career-Tech All-Star: Garrett Fuller

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  Watch: celebrating North Country All-Stars

  Academic All-Star: Carina Willard

  Arts All-Star: Alyssa Nugara

  Academic All-Star: Jack Witkop

  Arts All-Star: Larissa Wiltse

Larissa Wiltse started dancing at 2 years old and has been in school musicals since she was in elementary school.

  Academic All-Star: Jadon Sullivan

This week’s Academic All-Star is Jadon Sullivan, a senior at Harrisville Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Abigail Wischerath

The South Jefferson euphonium player is the 7 News Arts All-Star for June 8, 2020.

  Academic All-Star: Shun Lei Win

This week’s Academic All-Star is Shun Lei Win, a senior at Indian River Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Garrett Gehrke

  Arts All-Star: Jenna Canipe

  7 News All-Stars to receive on-air recognition

  Academic All-Star: Sydney Jarvis

  Arts All-Star: McEwen Thornton

  7 News All-Stars to be honored with television special

  Academic All-Star: Marina Wood

This week’s Academic All-Star is Marina Wood, a senior at Gouverneur Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Kierstin Getman

Kierstin Getman has been around children her entire life, so the early childhood education program at BOCES seemed like a good fit.

  Arts All-Star: Erica Scragg

Erica Scragg wants to become a professional animator, but for now she’s looking for her own style.

North Country All Stars to be Honored with Television Special

Airing on July 8th and 9th

  Academic All-Star: Sarah Weaver

This week’s Academic All-Star is Sarah Weaver, a senior at Madrid-Waddington Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Kayleigh Ronas

The talented dancer from Indian River is the 7 News Arts All-Star for May 11, 2020.

  Academic All-Star: Luke Lundy

This week’s Academic All-Star is Luke Lundy, a senior at Hammond Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Juleanna Duell

Juleanna Duell wants to work in a lab in a local hospital.

  Arts All-Star: Nick Henry

“Performing is one of my favorite things, really,” Nick Henry said, “It’s exciting, it’s fun.”

  Academic All-Star: Peter Harvill

Peter Harvill is this week’s 7 News Academic All-Star.

  Arts All-Star: Ashlyn Hilts

Ashlyn Hilts sometimes uses music as an escape.

  Academic All-Star: Chad Mason

This week’s Academic All-Star is Chad Mason, a senior at St. Lawrence Central High School.

  Arts All-Star: Emma Zehr

Emma Zehr plays the piano and the oboe – and she sings.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Kayley Walsh

The South Lewis student is studying veterinary practices at Jeff-Lewis BOCES.

  Academic All-Star: McKenna Cooney

This week's Academic All-Star is is McKenna Cooney, a senior at Immaculate Heart Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Amber Johnston

Amber Johnston says she’s been trying to do more facial expressions in her art.

  Academic All-Star: Ashton Colby

Schools may be closed due to COVID-19, but students are still learning from home. One of them is Ashton Colby, a senior at Morristown Central School. He's this week's Academic All-Star.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Macee Trudeau

Macee Trudeau wants to work in a beauty salon.

  Arts All-Star: Jaaron Thomas

Jaaron Thomas learns differently from other students.

  Arts All-Star: Zoe Williamson

For Zoe Williamson, music is a good stress reliever.

  Career-Tech All-Star Danielle Duprey

She's cooking up the start of a career in St. Lawrence County.

  Arts All-Star: Ysabella Miller

Ysabella Miller likes it when people mistake one of her paintings for a photograph.

  Athlete of the Week: Jackie Piddock

Jackie Piddock of South Jefferson had an exceptional season, averaging 25 points per game.

  Arts All-Star: Ryan Hayes

As much as he enjoys playing on his own, Ryan Hayes says playing with a group is even better.

  TV Dinner: an Irish feast

There’s no North Country Goes Green Irish festival this year, but you can still enjoy some great Irish food.

  Academic All-Star: Melanie Peabody

This week's Academic All-Star is Melanie Peabody, a senior at Clifton-Fine Central School.

  TV Dinner: ‘Strega Nona’

“Strega Nona” is a children’s book. It’s also a tasty pasta dish that’s perfect for Lent.

  Arts All-Star: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith wants to tell a story and he wants to share it with the world.

  Academic All-Star: Leah French

This week's Academic All-Star is Leah French, a senior at Hermon-DeKalb Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Casey Davis

Casey Davis is in her second year in the early childhood education program at the BOCES Bohlen Technical Center in Watertown.

  Arts All-Star: Phoebe Hall

Phoebe Hall's musical journey began with a large part in a show in kindergarten.

  Athlete of the Week: Makenna Boliver

Makenna Boliver of Beaver River has closed out an exceptional high school volleyball career.

  Academic All-Star: Trenton Barnes

This week's Academic All-Star is Trenton Barnes, a senior at LaFargeville Central School.

  Arts All-Star: J. Jake Thomas

J. Jake Thomas got bitten by the theater bug when he was in sixth grade.

  TV Dinner: Tequila Mango Flambé

It's Valentine's Day and Chef Chris Manning shows us a romantic dessert.

  Academic All-Star: Matthew McIntosh

This week's Academic All-Star is Matthew McIntosh, a senior at Lowville Academy and Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Justin Geyer

Justin Geyer is learning how to fix cars.

  Arts All-Star Hailey Hunt

Hailey Hunt wants to be a doctor, but the lessons she's learned from dance will always be with her.

  TV Dinner: Chicken Paprikash

It's a simple and satisfying dish Chef Chris Manning used to make when he worked at the Renaissance Restaurant in Watertown.

  Academic All-Star: Riley Aubertine

This week's Academic All-Star is Riley Aubertine, a senior at Lyme Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Matthew Garrison

Matthew Garrison says writing can be frustrating. He even wrote a poem about how hard it can be.

  TV Dinner: Jambalaya

Chef Chris Manning learned how to make jambalaya when he interned for a New Orleans chef named Miss Lolita Dubois.

  Academic All-Star: Karrigan Riordan

This week's Academic All-Star is Karrigan Riordan, a senior at Belleville-Henderson Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Caleb Judd

Caleb Judd is taking engineering and design at BOCES in Lewis County.

  Arts All-Star: Kennedy Vergin

For Kennedy Vergin, performing is "rewarding and kind of breathtaking at first."

  TV Dinner: Maple Mustard Sauce

Chef Chris Manning's Maple Mustard Sauce is simple and easy to make.

  Academic All-Star: Jaymie Monnat

This week's Academic All-Star is Jaymie Monnat, a senior at Beaver River Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Cristofer Tidd

For Cristofer Tidd, music is a stress reliever, "a big stress reliever for me and I just love seeing how much joy it brings people."

  TV Dinner: Maryland Hot Crab Dip

If you're hosting a football game-watching party, this dish would be a sure crowd pleaser.

  Career-Tech All-Star: David Zimmer

David Zimmer is learning a skill he says is very useful.

  Arts All-Star: Veronica Gibbons

For Veronica Gibbons, music is a great way to cure a bad day.

  Academic All-Star: Shawn Mason

This week's Academic All-Star is Shawn Mason, a senior at Alexandria Central School.

  TV Dinner: Amatriciana

It's called Amatriciana and it originates from Amatrice in central Italy northeast of Rome.

  Academic All-Star: Leon Lufkin

This week's Academic All-Star is Leon Lufkin, a senior at Potsdam Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Gerard Powers

Gerard Powers remembers his first voice lessons.

  Athlete of the Week: Kyle Gaumes

Kyle Gaumes of Lyme is making an early impression for his new team. The transfer from LaFargeville is averaging 24 points a game.

  TV Dinner: loaded potato pancakes

It’s a tasty and hearty way to start the New Year.

  Academic All-Star: Olivia Berghaus

This week's Academic All-Star is Olivia Berghaus, a senior at Ogdensburg Free Academy.