Academic All-Star: Trenton Barnes

This week's Academic All-Star is Trenton Barnes, a senior at LaFargeville Central School.

  Academic All-Star: Matthew McIntosh

  Career-Tech All-Star: Justin Geyer

  Arts All-Star Hailey Hunt

  TV Dinner: Chicken Paprikash

  Academic All-Star: Riley Aubertine

  Arts All-Star: Matthew Garrison

Continued Coverage

  TV Dinner: Jambalaya

  Academic All-Star: Karrigan Riordan

  Career-Tech All-Star: Caleb Judd

  Arts All-Star: Kennedy Vergin

  TV Dinner: Maple Mustard Sauce

  Academic All-Star: Jaymie Monnat

  Arts All-Star: Cristofer Tidd

For Cristofer Tidd, music is a stress reliever, "a big stress reliever for me and I just love seeing how much joy it brings people."

  TV Dinner: Maryland Hot Crab Dip

If you're hosting a football game-watching party, this dish would be a sure crowd pleaser.

  Career-Tech All-Star: David Zimmer

David Zimmer is learning a skill he says is very useful.

  Arts All-Star: Veronica Gibbons

For Veronica Gibbons, music is a great way to cure a bad day.

  Academic All-Star: Shawn Mason

  TV Dinner: Amatriciana

  Academic All-Star: Leon Lufkin

  Arts All-Star: Gerard Powers

  Athlete of the Week: Kyle Gaumes

  TV Dinner: loaded potato pancakes

  Academic All-Star: Olivia Berghaus

This week's Academic All-Star is Olivia Berghaus, a senior at Ogdensburg Free Academy.

  Arts All-Star: Katherine Vito

Katherine Vito has been surrounded by music her entire life.

  TV Dinner: Beef Cacciatore

Most people have heard of Chicken Cacciatore, but Chef Chris Manning introduces us to the less-renowned Beef Cacciatore.

  Academic All-Star: Holly Young

This week's Academic All-Star is Holly Young, a senior at South Jefferson Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Shacoria Jackson

Shacoria Jackson says some of her sketches take hours.

  TV Dinner: Baccala Vitorio

Salt cod is an Italian tradition at Christmas.

  Academic All-Star: Keyan Deom

This week's Academic All-Star is Keyan Deom, a senior at Copenhagen Central School.

  Arts All-Star: Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis could sing all of "Annie" before she could speak in coherent sentences.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Austin Fayette

Austin Fayette is learning to weld at Southwest Tech in Fowler, part of the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES.

  TV Dinner: Sauce Robert

It might look like your typical steak sauce, but it's not.

  Academic All-Star: Andrew Victoria

This week's Academic All-Star is Andrew Victoria, a senior at Watertown High School.

  Arts All-Star: Morgan Wheat

Morgan Wheat plans to major in art and psychology in college and wants to become a teacher.

  TV Dinner: Cajun barbecued shrimp

It's a page from famed New Orleans Chef Paul Prudhomme's "Louisiana Kitchen" cookbook.

  Academic All-Star: Itai Parnes

This week's Academic All-Star is Itai Parnes, a senior at Carthage High School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Johnathan Konopka

Johnathan Konopka has been into computers and video games since he was a little boy.

  Arts All-Star: Kat Frank

Kat Frank got into drums and percussion in the sixth grade.

  TV Dinner: Thanksgiving dinner leftovers

There can be more to Thanksgiving dinner leftovers than turkey sandwiches.

  Academic All-Star: Macey Cooper

This week's Academic All-Star is Macey Cooper, a senior at Thousand Islands High School.

  Arts All-Star: Frankie Schwab

Frankie Schwab says she comes from "a very artsy family."

  TV Dinner: Thanksgiving tips

Chef Chris Manning has some ideas to make your Thanksgiving special and it's sort of a family affair.

  Academic All-Star: Cory Millard

This week's Academic All-Star is Cory Millard, a senior at South Lewis Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: Tia Briot

Tia Briot wants to become a wildlife photographer and she’s honing her skills at a BOCES program in Lewis County.

  Arts All-Star: Hailey Weber

Music is important to Hailey Weber.

  TV Dinner: stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp

Chris Manning showed Beth and Makenzie the secret of delicious stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp Friday morning.

  Arts All-Star: Shyla Rumble

Shyla Rumble from Copenhagen Central is inspired to take pencil and acrylic paint to paper, and produce a variety of artworks.

  Academic All-Star: Murielle Fedorko

Our first Academic All-Star of the season is Murielle Fedorko, a senior at Sackets Harbor Central School.

  Career-Tech All-Star: James Wheller

James Wheller is our first-ever 7 News Career-Tech All-Star.

  Arts All-Star: Katherine Vito

Katherine Vito grew up in a very musical household and has been singing pretty much since she could walk.

  TV Dinner: Sauce Fra Diavolo

This dish is spicy -- and maybe even healthy.

  TV Dinner: Shrimp Puttanesca

It's a one-pot meal that's surprisingly light.

  TV Dinner: Smothered Chicken & Chops

It's a simple and satisfying meal -- and it's very tasty.

  TV Dinner: Sticky Chicken

Things get sticky in this week's TV Dinner segment.

  TV Dinner: cheesecake & scalloped apples

This weekend is the Cream Cheese Festival in Lowville and to honor it, Chef Chris Manning shows us an easy way to make cheesecake.

  TV Dinner: cream cheese

Next weekend is the Cream Cheese Festival in Lowville and Chef Chris Manning is acknowledging it this Friday and next.

  TV Dinner: casino-style pasta

This is a perfect meal to serve on a busy weeknight, especially if you do some of the prep ahead of time.

  TV Dinner: Tres Leches Cake

There are three different kinds of milk in this dessert.

  TV Dinner: Maple Chili Lime Marinade

Labor Day Weekend is coming up soon and many people like to plan cookouts to celebrate.

  TV Dinner: Ginger Sesame Dressing

It’s a very versatile dressing that has an Asian-inspired taste.

  TV Dinner: Halusky, summer comfort food

It's a summer comfort food.

  TV Dinner: Bacon Jam

It might look as if Chef Chris Manning kept things standard with hot dogs and hamburgers, but it's what he puts on the dogs and burgers that make it special.

  TV Dinner: Bahn Mi, north country style

It's a north country version of a Vietnamese favorite.

  TV Dinner: A marinade for grill masters

Check out Chef Manning's Carolina mustard marinade

  TV Dinner: Asian pepper steak

If you try this recipe, you might decide to skip takeout.

  TV Dinner: Country Captain, a lowcountry favorite

It's a dish that's popular in South Carolina's lowcountry.

  TV Dinner: Cornell chicken recipe

Chef Manning shows us how to spruce up our chicken using a central New York staple.

  Academic All-Star: Spencer Thomas

Our final Academic All-Star of the season is Spencer Thomas, a senior at Edwards Knox Central School.

  Academic All-Star: Madeline Rousell

This week's Academic All-Star is Madeline Rousell, a senior at Colton-Pierrepont Central School.

  TV Dinner: Seasoning & sauce for steak

Chef Chris Manning is getting a jump on Father's Day with a steak sauce better than the leading brand.

  TV Dinner: crab cakes

This week's dish gets a little personal for Chef Chris Manning.

  TV Dinner: caper-tomato salsa & blue cheese bacon spread

It's Memorial Day weekend and, for many, that means cookouts.

  Academic All-Star: Octavia Viskovich

This week's Academic All-Star is Octavia Viskovich, a senior at Massena Central School.

  Athlete of the Week: Kwazsi Gaddis

Kwazsi is the 7 News - Watertown Savings Bank North Country Athlete Of The Week for September 21, 2018

  Athlete of the Week: Hannah Sugden

Hannah is the 7 News - Watertown Savings Bank North Country Athlete Of The Week for September 14, 2018.

  Arts All-Star: Zana Northrop

"It feels really great to come home and practice after a really stressful day."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Tesa Holman

"It's like your own little world -- it's like you have a place to go, a comfort zone and a way to just pretty much get away from your normal life."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Simon Roome

"It's helped me through the hardest struggles that I've been through and I always go to music when I need to escape from things."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Quincy Marsell

"I enjoy creating a piece that has meaning to me, something I can show the emotions or ideas inside my head and create a powerful image."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Peter Harvill

"We're able to make something beautiful, we're able to inspire thoughts, inspire words, emotions -- through something that is not even human."