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  Academic All-Star: Spencer Thomas

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  Academic All-Star: Madeline Rousell

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  Academic All-Star: Octavia Viskovich

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  Arts All-Star: Zana Northrop

  7 News Arts All-Star: Tesa Holman

  7 News Arts All-Star: Simon Roome

"It's helped me through the hardest struggles that I've been through and I always go to music when I need to escape from things."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Quincy Marsell

"I enjoy creating a piece that has meaning to me, something I can show the emotions or ideas inside my head and create a powerful image."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Peter Harvill

"We're able to make something beautiful, we're able to inspire thoughts, inspire words, emotions -- through something that is not even human."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Perri Redden

"I was drawn to it from the second I stepped on the stage."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Mary Rose Goff

  7 News Arts All-Star: Maria Young

  7 News Arts All-Star: Makayla Lea

  Arts All-Star: Madeline Timerman

  7 News Arts All-Star: Logan Beerman

  7 News Arts All-Star: Keegan Poste

  7 News Arts All-Star: Kari Hance

"It can mean so many different things, depending on what type of music you're listening to and what mood you're in. It just affects people in different ways."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Joey LaShomb

"The reason I play so much is because I really like to make -- if it's possible -- to make everyone happy and give everyone the entertainment that they want."

  Arts All-Star: Jeremy Dening

"I think humans have an innate desire to be creative. If we don't create things, if we simply allow things to remain as the status quo, then we tend to stagnate."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Jaye Harrod

Jaye Harrod was inspired to start drawing by the graphic novels he read in elementary school.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Jasmine Combs

"I just think it's a really good way to creatively express yourself."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Jack Witkop

For Jack Witkop, playing trumpet feels like a legacy from his late grandfather, who was also a trumpet player.

  Arts All-Star: Isabella Addison

"I think to me, it represents my thoughts on a piece of paper."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Ingrid Knudsen

"Dancing just brings this type of tranquility that nothing else can bring."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Hannah Gates

"It's exhilarating. You get to be a different person sometimes and that's really fun."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Ethen White

"This helps with my mental sanity. When I make art, I feel happier."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Emily Scholler

"I'm not like one thing, I think I'm just a mix of a lot of things and everything that's around me."

  7 News Arts All-Star: Caroline Bergan

"I hope that I can somehow change people's lives in what I want to do," Caroline Bergan said.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Carlton Huff

Carlton Huff hopes to someday play professionally in an orchestra.The talented musician from Carthage is the 7 News Arts All-Star for January 10, 2019.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Annie Yang

"I just find making art and being, like, around art and creating art, a comfortable way to be myself," Annie Yang says.

  7 News Arts All-Star: Anna Metzler

Our 7 News Arts All-Star for the week of December 7, 2018 is a talented musician from Lowville Academy.Anna Metzler will tell you "I've been doing music for pretty much my whole life." That started with singing, and since 4th grade, the trombone.

  7News Arts All-Star: Abby Rockwood

Performing in front of people can be scary, Abby Rockwood says. "What I try to do is just imagine nobody's there."The Lowville singer is the 7 News Arts All-Star for January 17, 2019.

  Arts All-Star: Isabelle Phippen

“It’s always been important to me to create, to make art,” Isabelle Phippen said.

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