Chris Manning's TV Dinners

  TV Dinner: an Irish feast

There’s no North Country Goes Green Irish festival this year, but you can still enjoy some great Irish food.

  TV Dinner: Chicken Paprikash

  TV Dinner: Jambalaya

  TV Dinner: Maple Mustard Sauce

  TV Dinner: Maryland Hot Crab Dip

  TV Dinner: Amatriciana

  TV Dinner: loaded potato pancakes

Continued Coverage

  TV Dinner: Beef Cacciatore

  TV Dinner: Baccala Vitorio

  TV Dinner: Sauce Robert

  TV Dinner: Cajun barbecued shrimp

  TV Dinner: Thanksgiving dinner leftovers

  TV Dinner: Thanksgiving tips

  TV Dinner: stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp

Chris Manning showed Beth and Makenzie the secret of delicious stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp Friday morning.

  TV Dinner: Sauce Fra Diavolo

This dish is spicy -- and maybe even healthy.

  TV Dinner: Shrimp Puttanesca

It's a one-pot meal that's surprisingly light.

  TV Dinner: Smothered Chicken & Chops

It's a simple and satisfying meal -- and it's very tasty.

  TV Dinner: Sticky Chicken

  TV Dinner: cheesecake & scalloped apples

  TV Dinner: cream cheese

  TV Dinner: casino-style pasta

  TV Dinner: Tres Leches Cake

  TV Dinner: Maple Chili Lime Marinade

  TV Dinner: Ginger Sesame Dressing

It’s a very versatile dressing that has an Asian-inspired taste.

  TV Dinner: Halusky, summer comfort food

It's a summer comfort food.

  TV Dinner: Bacon Jam

It might look as if Chef Chris Manning kept things standard with hot dogs and hamburgers, but it's what he puts on the dogs and burgers that make it special.

  TV Dinner: Bahn Mi, north country style

It's a north country version of a Vietnamese favorite.

  TV Dinner: A marinade for grill masters

Check out Chef Manning's Carolina mustard marinade

  TV Dinner: Asian pepper steak

If you try this recipe, you might decide to skip takeout.

  TV Dinner: Country Captain, a lowcountry favorite

It's a dish that's popular in South Carolina's lowcountry.

  TV Dinner: Cornell chicken recipe

Chef Manning shows us how to spruce up our chicken using a central New York staple.

  TV Dinner: Seasoning & sauce for steak

Chef Chris Manning is getting a jump on Father's Day with a steak sauce better than the leading brand.

  TV Dinner: crab cakes

This week's dish gets a little personal for Chef Chris Manning.

  TV Dinner: caper-tomato salsa & blue cheese bacon spread

It's Memorial Day weekend and, for many, that means cookouts.

  TV Dinner: Key lime grilled chicken

It's time to start planning for cookouts, especially with Memorial Day coming up soon.

  TV Dinner: Chuletas, Mexican burgers

If you order this dish as street food in Mexico, it will come dredged in flour, covered with cracker crumbs, and deep-fried in lard.

  TV Dinner: Chicken Tchoupitoulas & Tarragon Mustard Sauce

It's a dish named for a street in New Orleans that's named after an extinct Native American tribe.

  TV Dinner: An Easter Feast

It’s Easter weekend and, as expected, Chef Chris Manning has some recipes perfect for the occasion.

  TV Dinner: Asian-inspired grilling

It's a pair of dishes that Chef Chris Manning says screams "spring."

  TV Dinner: Mojo Chicken & Pasta Cole Slaw

It's getting closer to grilling season and Chef Chris Manning shows us a recipe for Mojo Chicken that's sure to spice up your cookout.