Breast cancer survivor speaks out after community rallies behind her

The Philadelphia and Theresa community stood behind her as she battled breast cancer. Now Amanda Burnard is a survivor.

  Morning Checkup: new dermatology clinic

  Tomorrow’s Health: dangerous OTCs, senior antidepressants & cancer patient exercise

  Expanding dental services in Lewis County

  Morning Checkup: working for Samaritan

  Tomorrow’s Health: breast cancer, teen sleep & sleepy drivers

  It’s apple season in the north country

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  Morning Checkup: flu prevention

  Tomorrow’s Health: pediatric heart transplants, hypersexual disorder & diabetic heart problems

  Morning Checkup: Samaritan’s Urgent Care

  Tomorrow’s Health: off-label meds, distracted driving & diabetes

  New mental health clinic offers more services in St. Lawrence County

  Morning Checkup: brain injury support group

  Tomorrow’s Health: med student hypertension, hula for health & OCD treatment

A new study from the American Heart Association finds nearly two-thirds of medical students had some degree of hypertension.

  Fort Drum woman donates kidney to stranger

A Fort Drum woman gave a part of herself, a kidney, so a stranger could live.

  Morning Checkup: prostate cancer awareness

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

  Tomorrow’s Health: teen health, environmental hazards & mumps

Swedish researchers have linked increased body weight in teenage boys to heart attacks before the age of 65.

  Boy with rare disease inspires family

  Fitness: Jamie brings a “real” expert

  Morning Checkup: ‘Operation Murder’

  Tomorrow’s Health: lifestyle changes, dementia caregivers & e-cig ads

  Local health officials praise new mammogram law

  Morning Checkup: robotic operating room

  Tomorrow’s Health: measles, blood pressure meds & long walks

Summer did not bring an end to the measles outbreak.

  Now a state law, kids must be vaccinated to go to school

Add vaccinations to your back to school list.

  Fitness: more Pilates with Jamie

It might feel as if fall is closing in fast, but there's still plenty of summer left.

  Morning Checkup: Ribbon-Cutting

Samaritan Medical Center is cutting the ribbon on its Women and Children's Center and inpatient mental health unit next week.

  Tomorrow’s Health: preventing Alzheimer’s, infant mortality & aspirin vs. cancer

New research blames the protein tau for attacking the parts of the brain responsible for staying awake during the day.

  ‘Rethink Your Drink’ & ditch the soda, health experts urge

Health professionals are urging you to "rethink your drink" and be mindful of the amount of sugar you're drinking.

  Morning Checkup: heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is less about the temperature and more about your body's ability to cool itself.

  Tomorrow’s Health: surgical recovery, kids’ brain injuries & physical activity

A landmark international study describes frailty as a medical condition, not an inevitable result of aging.

  App helps you keep healthy in Lewis County

Have you ever wondered where there's fresh local produce or physical activities in Lewis County? Well, there's now an app for that.

  Morning Checkup: interventional radiology

It’s called interventional radiology and it’s a way to perform procedures in the most minimally invasive way.

  Tomorrow’s Health: surgery recovery, kids’ brain injuries & physical activity

A large international study suggests it's the recovery period after surgery that's the riskiest for most patients, not the operation itself.

  Lowville center focuses on community wellness

Community wellness is part of the goal of the new Double Play Teen and Senior Center that opened this week in Lowville.

  Morning Checkup” FEES swallowing evaluation

Samaritan Medical Center is offering a new diagnostic tool for analyzing swallowing problems.

  Tomorrow’s Health: marijuana during pregnancy, kindergarten preps & colorectal cancer

A new study finds women in northern California are using marijuana more frequently before and during pregnancy.

Heart Association applauds NY’s smoking age change

Governor Andrew Cuomo has made New York the 17th state in the nation to raise the age for buying tobacco products to 21.

  Morning Checkup: Center for Women & Children

Work on Samaritan Medical Center's Center for Women & Children is moving right along.

  Tomorrow’s Health: Measles outbreak, hearing aids & dementia, adolescent depression

The CDC says there were only 14 new reported cases of measles last week.

  Dexter man receives his “freedom kidney”

A 17 year wait for a donor is over

  Samaritan Morning Check Up: Back-to-school vaccinations

A reminder to get your shots before the school year starts

  Tracking the measles outbreak, assessing opioid precriptions

Check out Tomorrow's Health for 07-09-19

  Don’t try to relight fireworks that didn’t go off, firefighter says

What do you do if your fireworks don't go off?

  Morning Checkup: nurse aide training program

Samaritan Medical Center needs certified nursing assistants.

  Tomorrow’s Health: flu vaccine, lung cancer risk & stopping malaria

The CDC says the recent flu vaccine did not work so well because it was a mismatch for the H3N2 strain that popped up after the season was well underway.

  ’Dialysis love story’ couple seeks kidney donation

A plea for an organ on car stickers is traveling around the north country. We meet the family searching for a kidney.

  Morning Checkup: MuddFest benefits Children’s Miracle Network

Can-Am Speedway in LaFargeville is hosting an event next month that will benefit Children’s Miracle Network.

  Tomorrow’s Health: PTSD, alcohol dangers & home patients’ nutrition

Veterans seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder are twice as likely to die from suicide, accidental injury, or viral hepatitis.

  Morning Checkup: Susan Peters Scholarship

The deadline is approaching for the second annual Susan Peters Nursing Scholarship.

  Tomorrow’s Health: Hazardous products, e-cigarette cartoons & child neglect

New research finds personal care products send a young child to the emergency room an average of every two hours.

  Red Cross in desperate need of blood

The Red Cross held a blood drive at Salmon Run Mall Thursday in an effort to replenish its Missing Types campaign.

  Morning Checkup: Certified lactation counselor course

Samaritan Medical Center is hosting a certified lactation counselor course next month.

  Tomorrow’s Health: Artificial light, white coat hypertension & medical marijuana

New research finds a connection between exposure to artificial light at night with increased risk of weight gain in women.

  Tips on protecting your skin from the sun

We're not seeing the sun as much as we'd like these days, but when the clouds do break, it's important to protect yourself and your children.

  Morning Checkup: Measles

Measles is a very serious disease and the United States is in the middle of its biggest outbreak since 1992.

  Tomorrow’s Health: Preventing Alzheimer’s, Getting Enough Sleep & Eating Less Meat

A new study suggests flossing and brushing your teeth could help prevent Alzheimer's.

  Community Cup encourages healthy team-building

Getting out of the office and onto the playing field - eight teams are taking part in the 2nd Annual Lewis County Community Cup this week.

  Morning Checkup: balanced boxing program

The Watertown YMCA and Samaritan Medical Center are teaming up for a program designed to help Parkinson's sufferers.

  Tomorrow’s Health: better bacteria, fall injuries & long-term pot use

Heart failure patients who have healthy levels of gut bacteria have a reduced risk of death and are less likely to need a heart transplant.

  Group might be calling you for community health survey

Your phone could soon ring and your answers could help local healthcare.

  Morning Checkup: National EMS Week

It's National EMS Week and Samaritan Medical Center is celebrating.