Lewis County gets $100K to feed local food to students

Lewis County now has $100,000 to spend on bringing local agriculture into classrooms and cafeterias.

  Planned Parenthood offering free STD tests

  Morning Checkup: stroke signs

  Tomorrow’s Health: HPV, adolescent mental health & child weight loss

  How to sign up for health clinics at local schools

  Morning Checkup: safe sleep for infants

  Tomorrow’s Health: exercising to music, more teen vaping & chronic illnesses

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Deadline extended to get health insurance through NY

  Morning Checkup: dermatology clinic

  Tomorrow’s Health: prostate cancer survival, unnecessary surgeries & autism symptoms

  Red Cross reports critical shortage of Type O blood

  Morning Checkup: Children’s Miracle Network

  Tomorrow’s Health: cardiac arrhythmias, growing up is unhealthy & gaming habits

  Free radon test kits available

When was the last time you checked your home for radon?

  Morning Checkup: graduate medical education program

You might not know it, but Samaritan Medical Center is a teaching hospital.

  Tomorrow’s Health: the new normal, mandatory vaccines & less sugar

A temperature of 98.6 degrees has long been considered normal for a healthy person, but Stanford University researchers say human body temperatures have gradually fallen over the past century and a half.

  How to learn CPR online

It's a New Year resolution that doesn't just help you, it helps your entire community.

  Morning Checkup: ortho surgery

  Tomorrow’s Health: spreading flu, risky teen behavior & binge drinking

  How you can become a ‘Wellness Warrior’

  Tomorrow’s Health: HPV vaccine dose, sperm motility & cancer protein

  Tomorrow’s Health: apps for kids, leftover opioids & diabetes risk

  Tips to prevent poisonings during holidays

  Morning Checkup: Long-Term Care Career Coach

There's a new position at Samaritan Medical Center that supports its long-term care employees.

  Tomorrow’s Health: e-cigs, child screening & breast cancer survival

A study from U.C. San Francisco for the first time links using e-cigarettes to a significant increased risk of developing chronic lung diseases like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  Blood donations especially needed during holiday season

The Red Cross needs blood donations all year long, but especially during the busy holiday season.

  Morning Checkup: image-guided surgical procedures

In this week’s Morning Checkup, Dr. Sima Banerjee takes us to Samaritan Medical Center’s Walker Center for Cancer Care.

  Tomorrow’s Health: benefits of being fit & risks of drinking

Women who exercise vigorously have a significantly lower risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, and other causes.

  Tips for coping with holiday depression

The holiday season is supposed be a happy time but it can also be overwhelming for those dealing with depression or anxiety.

  Morning Checkup: Breakfast with Santa

It's an annual event that helps out Children's Miracle Network at Samaritan Medical Center.

  Morning Checkup: holiday healthy eating tips

It can be hard to stick with eating healthy with the food temptations holidays bring, especially Thanksgiving.

  Tomorrow’s Health: water in the ear, heart risks & macular degeneration

One of the most common ways of getting water out of your ear could be bad for your health.

  Meet Buddy the therapy dog in training

Watertown Audiology and Fyzical Therapy has one very special employee.

  Morning Checkup: Wound Care Center

Wounds that don't heal properly are a major medical problem that affects more than 6 million Americans.

N.C. man charged $2,300 for walking through ER doors for cat scratch

The man didn't even get the rabies vaccination that day, but if he did, the bill shows it would have been an extra $13,048 charged.

  Tomorrow’s Health: diagnosing depression, counseling for adolescents & heart failure in pregnant women

A new national poll shows many parents face barriers when it comes to diagnosing depression in their own teenagers.

  Lewis County Hospice offers free screenings of ‘Being Mortal’

Lewis County Hospice is trying to help people navigate their end of life wishes.

  Samaritan Morning Check-Up: new services coming to Women’s Wellness

Same day diagnostic testing will be offered.

  Counting canines to keep communities safe

Over the last few months, wedged in peoples' doors, some Jefferson County residents are being reminded by the county dog shelter to make sure their pups are vaccinated.

  Morning Checkup: Festival of Trees

The North Country Festival of Trees is just around the corner.

  Tomorrow’s Health: vaccine exemptions, cancer blood test & psychiatrist shortage

A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the number of kindergartners not getting vaccinated for what parents describe as "religious reasons" appears to be on the rise.

Vaping, e-cigarettes aren’t a ‘gateway’ to teen smoking, study says

The study found teens who experiment with vaping are more likely to try cigarettes but vaping first does not increase their odds of becoming smokers.

  Quilt increases autism awareness

The Disabled Persons Action Organization has a quilt on display.

  Morning Checkup: family photos for CMN

There's a family photo session on Halloween to raise money for Children's Miracle Network at Samaritan Medical Center.

  Tomorrow’s Health: therapy vs. drugs, child obesity & cancer patient app

Researchers looked at the costs and benefits of antidepressants and talk therapy and found they end up being equal after five years.

  Jefferson County sees rise in whooping cough cases

Add 10 new confirmed cases of whooping cough, or pertussis, in Jefferson County this month, bringing the total this season to 33.

Humid, windy days are worse for pain, study says

The new study says humid and windy days are worse for pain.

  Morning Checkup: Pharmacy Week & Shed the Meds

This is Pharmacy Week and Samaritan Medical Center is acknowledging it with some activities, including a Shed the Meds event at the end of it.

  Tomorrow’s Health: child mental disorders, safe infant sleeping & opioids with pacemakers

One out of every five children suffers from a mental disorder that could jeopardize their health later on.

  Breast cancer survivor speaks out after community rallies behind her

The Philadelphia and Theresa community stood behind her as she battled breast cancer. Now Amanda Burnard is a survivor.

  Tomorrow’s Health: teen suicide attempts, TBIs & causes of acne

A new study in the Journal Pediatrics reveals a racial disparity in teen suicide attempts.

  JCC nursing students get hands on training at hospital

Jefferson Community College nursing students are getting hands on experience at Lewis County General Hospital.

  Morning Checkup: new dermatology clinic

Samaritan Medical Center is opening a new dermatology clinic next month.

  Tomorrow’s Health: dangerous OTCs, senior antidepressants & cancer patient exercise

Over-the-counter pain medications are commonly used in suicide attempts among young people.

  Expanding dental services in Lewis County

A federal grant will help North Country Family Health renovate its Lowville clinic.

  Morning Checkup: working for Samaritan

If you want to become a home health aide or certified nursing assistant, Samaritan Medical Center will train you, pay you during training, and give you a job when you're done.

  Tomorrow’s Health: breast cancer, teen sleep & sleepy drivers

A new study of post-menopausal women with aggressive breast cancer found adding a targeted therapy drug called ribociclib to standard hormone therapy significantly improved their overall survival.

  It’s apple season in the north country

It's peak season for apple picking. The apples are not only good to eat, they are good for you.

  Morning Checkup: flu prevention

Get your flu shot and wash your hands often -- flu season is soon upon us.

  Tomorrow’s Health: pediatric heart transplants, hypersexual disorder & diabetic heart problems

It's been three and a half years since the criteria for pediatric heart transplants was revised in the U.S.

  Morning Checkup: Samaritan’s Urgent Care

Urgent care is often a good alternative to going to the emergency room -- but not always.

  Tomorrow’s Health: off-label meds, distracted driving & diabetes

A new Rutgers study shows doctors in the U.S. are increasingly prescribing off-label medications for children.

  New mental health clinic offers more services in St. Lawrence County

United Helpers has a new mental health clinic in Canton and it's bringing more psychology, at-home care and housing assistance to St. Lawrence County.

  Morning Checkup: brain injury support group

Samaritan Medical Center has a support group for people who suffer the effects of a brain injury.

  Tomorrow’s Health: med student hypertension, hula for health & OCD treatment

A new study from the American Heart Association finds nearly two-thirds of medical students had some degree of hypertension.

  Fort Drum woman donates kidney to stranger

A Fort Drum woman gave a part of herself, a kidney, so a stranger could live.

  Morning Checkup: prostate cancer awareness

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

  Tomorrow’s Health: teen health, environmental hazards & mumps

Swedish researchers have linked increased body weight in teenage boys to heart attacks before the age of 65.

  Boy with rare disease inspires family

It's a genetic disease so rare few doctors have ever treated it. Hunter Van Ells was born with it. In DeGrasse, he's inspiring parents and family.

  Fitness: Jamie brings a “real” expert

It's Sharon Charlebois' birthday and she came to the 7 News studio to help her mom, Jamie Kalk, teach us about fitness.

  Morning Checkup: ‘Operation Murder’

Volunteers at Samaritan Medical Center are holding a mystery dinner theater to raise money to help cancer patients.

  Tomorrow’s Health: lifestyle changes, dementia caregivers & e-cig ads

New research suggests more doctors need to promote healthy lifestyle changes to patients who survived cancer.

  Local health officials praise new mammogram law

Lewis County health officials are praising a new law signed this month by Governor Cuomo which requires large group insurers to cover medically necessary mammograms for women under 40.

  Morning Checkup: robotic operating room

These days when you go under the knife, you might be going under the robot.

  Tomorrow’s Health: measles, blood pressure meds & long walks

Summer did not bring an end to the measles outbreak.

  Now a state law, kids must be vaccinated to go to school

Add vaccinations to your back to school list.

  Fitness: more Pilates with Jamie

It might feel as if fall is closing in fast, but there's still plenty of summer left.

  Morning Checkup: Ribbon-Cutting

Samaritan Medical Center is cutting the ribbon on its Women and Children's Center and inpatient mental health unit next week.

  Tomorrow’s Health: preventing Alzheimer’s, infant mortality & aspirin vs. cancer

New research blames the protein tau for attacking the parts of the brain responsible for staying awake during the day.

  ‘Rethink Your Drink’ & ditch the soda, health experts urge

Health professionals are urging you to "rethink your drink" and be mindful of the amount of sugar you're drinking.

  Morning Checkup: heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is less about the temperature and more about your body's ability to cool itself.