Your Morning Checkup

  Morning Checkup: Samaritan Home Health

When people are sent home from the hospital, sometimes they’re not quite ready to care for themselves completely.

  Morning Checkup: addiction services

  Morning Checkup: allergies or COVID?

  Morning Checkup: opioid addictions

  Morning Checkup: prostate cancer

  Morning Checkup: pandemic stress

  Morning Checkup: get your flu shot

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  Morning Checkup: back-to-school dental care

  Morning Checkup: back-to-school vaccinations

  Morning Checkup: kids & face masks

  Morning Checkup: diagnosing lung cancer

  Morning Checkup: assisted living services discount

  Morning Checkup: Children’s Miracle Network campaign

  Morning Checkup: swing bed services

Swing beds are a transition from an acute-care hospital stay to being discharged to go home.

  Morning Checkup: infusions at Samaritan

Infusions are often used to treat chronic illnesses and conditions. It’s a service that’s available at Samaritan Medical Center.

  Morning Checkup: new to Samaritan Dermatology

Samaritan Medical Center is welcoming two new physician assistants to its dermatology department.

  Morning Checkup: home health services

Not all COVID-19 patients need to be hospitalized, but many still need to be frequently monitored.

  Morning Checkup: outpatient addiction services

  Morning Checkup: rehabilitation services

  Morning Checkup: honoring the caregivers

  Morning Checkup: proper PPE

  Morning Checkup: addictions treatment

  Morning Checkup: operational changes

  Morning Checkup: telemedicine

Dermatologist Dr. Nathanial Miletta says there’s a lot he can do for patients via telemedicine.

  Morning Checkup: a COVID-19 update

Dr. Marylene Duah is a board-certified infectious disease physician at Samaritan Medical Center.

  Morning Checkup: maternity & COVID-19

Samaritan Medical Center has a plan for maternity patients during the coronavirus outbreak

  Samaritan sets up coronavirus resource line

Samaritan Medical Center has set up a resource line for those concerned about COVID-19.

  Morning Checkup: One Night, One Diamond

It's nearly time for the One Night, One Diamond fundraiser for Samaritan Medical Center.

  Morning Checkup: Orthopaedic services

There's no point traveling out of the area for orthopaedic services.

  Morning Checkup: Hand hygiene

Samaritan Medical Center is asking patients to remind its health care professionals to wash their hands.

  Morning Checkup: breast care

One in eight women -- or roughly 12 percent -- will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetimes.

  Morning Checkup: stroke signs

Strokes are very common, so it's important to know the signs.

  Morning Checkup: safe sleep for infants

Do you know the ABCs for making sure infants sleep safely?

  Morning Checkup: dermatology clinic

Do you know the ABCDEs of skin cancer?

  Morning Checkup: Children’s Miracle Network

Kai Diggs is a Children's Miracle Network champion. That's because he's a fighter.

  Morning Checkup: graduate medical education program

You might not know it, but Samaritan Medical Center is a teaching hospital.

  Morning Checkup: ortho surgery

You don't have to go further than Samaritan Medical Center for orthopaedic surgery.

  Morning Checkup: Long-Term Care Career Coach

There's a new position at Samaritan Medical Center that supports its long-term care employees.

  Morning Checkup: image-guided surgical procedures

In this week’s Morning Checkup, Dr. Sima Banerjee takes us to Samaritan Medical Center’s Walker Center for Cancer Care.

  Morning Checkup: Breakfast with Santa

It's an annual event that helps out Children's Miracle Network at Samaritan Medical Center.

  Morning Checkup: holiday healthy eating tips

It can be hard to stick with eating healthy with the food temptations holidays bring, especially Thanksgiving.

  Morning Checkup: Wound Care Center

Wounds that don't heal properly are a major medical problem that affects more than 6 million Americans.

  Samaritan Morning Check-Up: new services coming to Women’s Wellness

Same day diagnostic testing will be offered.

  Morning Checkup: Festival of Trees

The North Country Festival of Trees is just around the corner.

  Morning Checkup: family photos for CMN

There's a family photo session on Halloween to raise money for Children's Miracle Network at Samaritan Medical Center.

  Morning Checkup: Pharmacy Week & Shed the Meds

This is Pharmacy Week and Samaritan Medical Center is acknowledging it with some activities, including a Shed the Meds event at the end of it.

  Morning Checkup: new dermatology clinic

Samaritan Medical Center is opening a new dermatology clinic next month.

  Morning Checkup: working for Samaritan

If you want to become a home health aide or certified nursing assistant, Samaritan Medical Center will train you, pay you during training, and give you a job when you're done.

  Morning Checkup: flu prevention

Get your flu shot and wash your hands often -- flu season is soon upon us.

  Morning Checkup: Samaritan’s Urgent Care

Urgent care is often a good alternative to going to the emergency room -- but not always.

  Morning Checkup: brain injury support group

Samaritan Medical Center has a support group for people who suffer the effects of a brain injury.

  Morning Checkup: prostate cancer awareness

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

  Morning Checkup: ‘Operation Murder’

Volunteers at Samaritan Medical Center are holding a mystery dinner theater to raise money to help cancer patients.

  Morning Checkup: robotic operating room

These days when you go under the knife, you might be going under the robot.

  Morning Checkup: Ribbon-Cutting

Samaritan Medical Center is cutting the ribbon on its Women and Children's Center and inpatient mental health unit next week.

  Morning Checkup: heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is less about the temperature and more about your body's ability to cool itself.

  Morning Checkup: interventional radiology

It’s called interventional radiology and it’s a way to perform procedures in the most minimally invasive way.

  Morning Checkup” FEES swallowing evaluation

Samaritan Medical Center is offering a new diagnostic tool for analyzing swallowing problems.

  Morning Checkup: Center for Women & Children

Work on Samaritan Medical Center's Center for Women & Children is moving right along.

  Samaritan Morning Check Up: Back-to-school vaccinations

A reminder to get your shots before the school year starts

  Morning Checkup: nurse aide training program

Samaritan Medical Center needs certified nursing assistants.

  Morning Checkup: MuddFest benefits Children’s Miracle Network

Can-Am Speedway in LaFargeville is hosting an event next month that will benefit Children’s Miracle Network.

  Morning Checkup: Susan Peters Scholarship

The deadline is approaching for the second annual Susan Peters Nursing Scholarship.

  Morning Checkup: Certified lactation counselor course

Samaritan Medical Center is hosting a certified lactation counselor course next month.

  Morning Checkup: Measles

Measles is a very serious disease and the United States is in the middle of its biggest outbreak since 1992.

  Morning Checkup: balanced boxing program

The Watertown YMCA and Samaritan Medical Center are teaming up for a program designed to help Parkinson's sufferers.

  Morning Checkup: National EMS Week

It's National EMS Week and Samaritan Medical Center is celebrating.