Craig's Movie Reviews

Uncle Frank - Film Review

It's 1973, and Uncle Frank has to go home, and come out.

Black Pumpkin! - Movie Review

Horror Film Review - Derelicts

Possessor (2020) - Film Review

Movie Review - Redwood Massacre Annihilation

The Retreat - Film Review - Guest Reviewer

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind - Movie Review

Continued Coverage

Parasite - Movie Review

Jo Jo Rabbit - Movie Review

The Invisible Man - Movie Review

Judy - Movie Review

1917 - Movie Review

Little Women - Movie Review

Uncut Gems - Movie Review

Highly lauded by most critics; I found this film, loud, annoying, and distasteful.

Bombshell - Movie Review

Bombshell sheds light on the Fox News Sexual Harassment scandal, and it isn't pleasant.

Knives Out - Movie Review

A dream cast, an iconic cable knit sweater -what's not to like?

Dark Waters - Movie Review

This real life thriller is a terrifying tale.

Ford V Ferrari - Movie Review

The Good Liar - Movie Review

Hustlers - Movie Review

Downton Abbey - Movie Review

The Goldfinch - Movie Review

Ready Or Not - Movie Review

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Movie Review

Based on a collection of short horror stories for teens and pre-teens by Alvin Schwartz, this Guillermo del Toro (Oscar Winner) is so much better than most movies playing in the multiplex, right now. SEE IT!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood- Movie Review

Nostalgic, Inventive, Original, and a must for movie fans, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the summer flick you have been waiting for.

Crawl - Movie Review

Just when you thought it was safe to move to Florida.

Rocketman - Movie Review

Dazzling. Exhilarating. Bold. Okay, I really liked it.

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review - Archive 2018

Luckily none of this takes away from the music, and the revolutionary, still resonant impact of Queen and Freddie Mercury, played brilliantly by Rami Malek.

A Star is Born Movie Review

2018 Movie Review Archive - it made a lot of money and earned a lot of Oscar Nominations, so what makes this film so special?

Booksmart - Movie Review

One of the highest Rotten Tomatoes Scores of any film currently in theaters: see it, it's good.

Long Shot Movie Review

The improbable duo of Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron star in a new romantic comedy--that unlike so many films in this beleaguered genre--is actually-gasp-funny!

Halloween 2018 - Movie Review

The last third of the film is particularly thrilling, and includes the obligatory scene between the great nemeses, Michael and Laurie. In a nod to women empowerment, Laurie is soundly and competently aided by her scrappy daughter and granddaughter.

Widows Movie Review - Archive 2018

Widows has a first class, platinum cast, with great actors turning up all over the place.

The Post Movie Review - Archive

The Post is entertaining, if a bit too talky sometimes.

Boy Erased - Movie Review

By age 22, Lucas Hedges has already been nominated for an Oscar and has been in three films nominated for best picture.

Vice - 2018 Movie Review Archive

Part satire, part black comedy, part documentary, part propaganda, part art house collage, Vice is a highly original, cinematic work of art, that defies definition and classification.

Roma -Movie Review Archive 2018

Roma is a gorgeous experience, every frame is like an art photograph—it is breathtaking. It’s important you remember that.

Eighth Grade Movie Review

What’s it like to be an eighth grader in 2018? For starters social media and the internet play a huge part in your life. Other tribulations of eighth grade haven’t changed all that much; including unrequited crushes, hating your body, struggling to be popular and just simply knowing who you are.

Bad Times at the El Royale - 2018 Movie Review

An all star cast inhabits this production, where the "look" of the film is better than the film itself.

A Simple Favor - Movie Review

2018 Movie Archive, this quirky, stylish comedy thriller was one of the better movies form the summer of 2018.

The Wife Movie Review

Last Fall I predicted this: Here is Glenn Close's Seventh Oscar Nomination! Since then we have her remarkable golden glob acceptance speech to listen to, over and over again.

Green Book Movie Review

One of my favorite films from 2018, It went on to win the Best Picture Oscar. "It’s like a great home cooked meal, not terribly complex, sophisticated or complicated, but nothing else will beat it."

Crazy Rich Asians - Movie Review

Movie Archive Review. This was one of my favorite movies of 2018, vivid, fun and unique.

The Shape of Water - Movie Review Archive

Here is my original archived review from the film's original release. My mixed reaction didn't hinder the films Oscar chances at all, as it went on to win big.

It - Movie Review

I didn’t love IT

Searching 2018 Movie Review

Searching - 2018 Archive Movie Review - if it's streaming, catch it--it's better than you think.

Black KkKlansman Movie Reivew

Movie Review Archive: BlacKkKlansman went on to win Spike Lee his first Oscar (for screenplay)!

Mission Impossible: Fallout Movie Review

Movie Review Archive: the Sixth Installment of the Mission Impossible Franchise, starring the star who just won't slow down.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor - Movie Review

Sometimes Simplicity is the best way to bring about meaning.

Phantom Thread - Movie Review

Restrained. Gorgeous. Elusive- Phantom Thread is so much more than it looks

Call Me By Your Name - Movie Review

My Favorite Movie of 2017

Darkest Hour - Movie Review

Gary Oldman finally gets the part he needed to win the Oscar. I knew he could do it.

Atomic Blonde

Theron kicks ass and looks icy cool doing it.

Get Out - Movie Review

Jordan Peele of Key and Peele fame has written and directed one of the sliest, funniest, most uncomfortable horror films I’ve seen in a long time.

Cold Pursuit - Movie Review

For a while this dark comic thriller has real pizazz and zip as the bodies quickly pile up.......

The Favourite - Movie Review

Queen Anne is a hot mess and Colman’s portrayal of her is astonishingly good. She should win every acting award invented.