GeniusRx™ Expands Its Digital Pharmacy Reach by Launching GeniusClinic™ and GeniusIQ™ to Provide Telehealth Services and Medication Price Transparency to Meet the Growing Consumer Demand for Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 8:00 AM EDT

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GeniusRx™, a next-generation digital pharmacy focused on improving patient outcomes by disrupting the way prescription drugs are bought, sold, and delivered, announced the launch of GeniusClinic™ and GeniusIQ™. GeniusClinic™ provides members with access to providers in a transparent and affordable manner, leveraging the GeniusIQ™ machine learning platform, for new and refill prescriptions medications, for non-acute and lifestyle conditions.


Through GeniusClinic™, patients can receive high quality, evidence-based care for common conditions such as acne, allergies, asthma, birth control (including plan B), digestive issues, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, skin conditions, and many more. GeniusClinic™ is available to GeniusRx™ members in targeted markets with plans to expand nationwide by end of the year.

In combination with GeniusIQ™, an advanced system of algorithms leveraging machine learning to present over 25,000 therapeutic based cost savings alternatives to customers, GeniusClinic™ will help significantly reduce the cost of medications and access to those treatments.

How GeniusClinic™ and GeniusIQ™ Work

With GeniusClinic™, new and current members will have access to telehealth visits from their mobile device, tablet, or computer. The virtual visit takes less than 10 minutes for a member to complete a health questionnaire regarding their condition and concerns. Once a patient completes their questionnaire, they are matched with a physician licensed in their state. The physician reviews the patient's health history and previous prescriptions, then provides an after-visit-summary to the patient within 24 hours.

In the event that a medication is needed, GeniusRx™ connects with the member through an in-app experience, email, and SMS, as soon as the provider has completed the telehealth visit. Members have full visibility to the price of a medication, in addition to medication alternatives through GeniusIQ™ price transparency engine, to finalize the visit and confirm the cost and purchase of the medication. GeniusRx™ offers free standard shipping on all prescriptions.

Why Launch AI-Enabled Telehealth Capabilities?

With the growing need for on-demand remote care brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and longer than traditional waiting times, GeniusRx™ knew bringing on telehealth solutions to its current pharmacy platform was an absolute must in the trajectory of its roadmap.

Randy Parker, CEO, and founder of GeniusRx™ commented, "As a vertically integrated healthcare organization, we work with health brands, payors, pharma companies and more, to transform the way their customers gain access to affordable prescription medications. We knew we needed to expand and continue to evolve the quality of care for our customers and their members, but telehealth alone isn't enough in today's rapidly changing world. GeniusClinic™ needed to provide an accessible experience, coupled with medication price transparency (GeniusIQ™) to give members exactly what they need in the rising tides of healthcare today – affordable health."

GeniusRx™ has launched a one-of-a-kind telehealth solution, that bridges affordable online physician care from GeniusClinic™, with the power of machine learning algorithms of GeniusIQ™ and provide members with education on alternative treatment options that can save them (on average) 32% on their medications.

These solutions perfectly complement one another as it not only provides savings alternatives directly to members, but also enables recommendations to become immediately actionable for physicians as they evaluate and diagnosis patients. GeniusRx™ expects this to not only reduce the medication cost burden to members, but also improve overall quality of life of their patients.

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About GeniusRx

GeniusRx™ (parent company GeniusCo™) is a full-service digital pharmacy designed to make consumer access to medicine and clinical services simple, intuitive, and personal through cost-informed decision making. Bringing together unparalleled industry expertise, infrastructure, and digital innovation, GeniusRx™ is using technology to disrupt pharmacy services at scale.

The company's offering includes a digital pharmacy program that enables patients to have secure and speedy pharmacy dispensing and fulfillment capabilities that is delivered nationwide. GeniusRx™ services include home delivery pharmacy capabilities across 50 states, clinical guidance and support services, rapidly evolving telehealth capabilities (GeniusClinic™) and a consumer health and wellness dashboard that delivers Rx price intelligence (GeniusIQ™) in addition to other meaningful pharmacy insights.

GeniusRx™ uses its Rx Intelligence technology (GeniusIQ™) to help lower the cost of treatment for patients and create a novel virtual pharmacy benefit program targeting primarily the 80 million part-time, seasonal, and gig workers currently underserved by the industry.

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