Clarkson Professor Creates New Kind Of Battery

Clarkson Professor Creates New Kind Of Battery

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Whether it's the little battery inside your cell phone or the large batteries that store power from solar panels, batteries are a big deal. 

At Clarkson University, Professor David Mitlin has come up with a new kind of battery.

"Specifically for things like grid, municipal energy storage, for things like personal home energy storage where cost is quite important," he said.

Mitlin says his battery design is inexpensive, green, and high energy. 

Here's the thing: as part of his battery work, Mitlin developed something called a carbon nanosheet cathode. 

That could mean laptop and cell phone batteries that charge much faster and hold much more power. 

At Clarkson, where they appreciate a good battery, they like what Mitlin has done.

"If I'm able to charge my phone in 30 minutes and get 12 hours of use out of it, that's a drastic improvement," said student Tom Couture.

"That would be very convenient. I wouldn't have to be trying to find an outlet every time I do work, which can be very annoying," said student Bridgette Bousquet.

When Mitlin says his battery is green, he means it. 

Some of the raw materials used include banana peels and peanut shells. 

With technology within his battery performing better than current cell phone batteries, what has been developed at Clarkson could find its way into a lot of pockets soon. 

See Clarkson's news release

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