Archaeologist Finds Historic Gravestone

Archaeologist Finds Historic Gravestone

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A search is underway for lost gravestones that used to stand in an undocumented cemetery on the Freeman Farm in the town of Champion.

The town wants to make sure all of its cemeteries are accounted for.

It has tasked town historian, Lynn Thornton, to excavate lost gravestones there.

"There's only one burial that's on record for here and it's for Asa Hadsell," she said.

Asa Hadsell just happens to be one of the earliest settlers of the town, moving there in 1802, only 4 years after the town's founder.

But the search is a slow one.

Timothy Abel is an archaeologist out of Carthage and is leading the search.

"In my line of work, you never know what is under the ground until you actually look under the ground," he said.

After a couple hours poking and digging through the underbrush, it seemed like this method would prove unsuccessful.

But in a twist of fate, as Abel was about to leave with his gear, he stumbled over exactly what they were looking for.

"I was looking down and I almost tripped over the edge of that stone there and I recognized it right of the bat as a tombstone," he said.

The name Asa was clearly legible on the stone.

As each gravestone on the site is uncovered, pictures will be taken to document them.

Then they'll be covered back up so they remain undisturbed. 

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