Fort Drum's 10th Mountain Division Welcomes New Leader

Fort Drum's 10th Mountain Division Welcomes New Leader

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There's a new leader at Fort Drum.

Every brigade and unit in the 10th Mountain Division was represented at Thursday's change of command ceremony.

That's where Major General Walter Piatt and Major General Jeffrey Bannister exchanged colors and command.

This is Major General Piatt's third time stationed at Fort Drum.

Now as commander, he says the division needs to be ready for anything as tensions rise around the world.

He has seen it first hand; he was at Fort Drum during and after 9/11.

"We had to go. We thought the last division they would ask to go was the 10th Mountain Division, and General Hagenbeck said very clearly, they won't ask if we're ready, they're gonna expect it. So we've gotta train with that mind set," said General Piatt.

But this was a day to celebrate the command of Major General Bannister and welcome back Major General Piatt.

General Piatt says as threats at home and across the world develop, these soldiers can do whatever is asked of them.

"(The) 10th Mountain Infantry Division, we're perfect for that. We're a light-infantry division, we can deploy from this installation rapidly, from rail, from air. We can go quickly, we're light, we're mobile, we're agile. We'll go where we're told, we'll fight where we go, and we'll win where we fight," said General Piatt.

A good trait to have for a new leader taking command of the most deployed division in the Army. 

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