Atomic Blonde - Brief Movie Review

Atomic Blonde - Brief Movie Review

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Charlize Theron plays duplicitous, mysterious and formidable MI6 British agent Lorraine Broughton operating at the very end of the cold war.  It’s Berlin 1989 and the wall is about to come down. Tasked with finding and retrieving an elusive list of double agents, who will suddenly be out in the west; she also wants to revenge the death of a fellow agent, with whom she had a dalliance.

Based on a series of graphic novels, the production design and cinematography embrace the story’s visual origins and although it is the late 1980’s in Europe, the arena often looks as if it were a fantasy film.   If you are going for a great story or even a logical story, then you might want to skip it, but I bet most of you are not seeing the film for these high brow things.  It is an action film, and the action scenes deliver, especially a seven minute stairwell fight that will knock your socks off.

Theron, is the main attraction here, and let’s face it, that’s all you will need, oh and the terrific new wave 80’s soundtrack, which is fantastic as well.  Theron kicks ass and looks icy cool doing it.  No matter if you are male or female and regardless of what team you play on the sight of the tough, sleek, stylish Theron doing damage to the bad guys in stiletto heels will have you giddy. The woman has charisma to spare. And if only she was beautiful? Why can’t she be in more movies?

James McAvoy, who is short for a movie star, co-stars with Theron and as always is very good. His high energy wired muscularity is a great contrast to her steely impassiveness. Production values are superb, again emphasizing the music, but the film does lack momentum sometimes. It often feels like the screenwriters and filmmakers are just filing time between action sequences.  Furthermore the plot is a bit convoluted and unclear.

Still this means nothing, because it’s a loud, fun show with Theron in top form as the female action hero of our time, filling the screen with bad ass business.  

Directed by David Leitch

Screenplay by Kurt Johnstad

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