The Silver Lining to Norwood Lake's Muddy Mess

The Silver Lining to Norwood Lake's Muddy Mess

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Just a week ago boaters were still slicing through the beautiful blue waters of Norwood Lake. This week, only the most adventurous venture out on what's left of that water.

It's all due to dam repair Brookfield Renewables has undertaken at the lake's north end.

“The big reason for these is some very specialized, but also some very routine maintenance work. And when I say specialized, it's work that has to take place below the water level," said Andy Davis, Brookfield Renewable director of stakeholder relations.

Davis said the company knows the beautiful fall weather we're having has people hankering for some last minute fun on the lake. But the dam work was planned well in advance and now has to be done. It required approval from numerous regulatory agencies.

The situation does have a silver lining for those who like to enjoy the lake - it has exposed the base of a water weed called milfoil that could choke the lake.

Saturday, volunteers from Clarkson University and the lake association will fan out across the mud to rip it out by its roots.

“It will completely take over a lake to the point where you can't even put a boat in,” said Terry Lafleur, member of the Norwood Lake Association.

In part, people have to be educated about the harm the plant can do. That might soften the blow of seeing their beloved lake turned from playground to mud hole for a couple weeks. But Lafleur said he knows it makes for an astounding site.

“They did lower this back in the late 80s, I think it was, but not to this point. This is the lowest I've ever seen it,” he said.

Norwood Lake is one of four reservoirs along the Raquette River being drawn down by owner Brookfield Renewable. Repairs at Norwood Lake should take about two weeks to complete and the lake will be refilled. Until, then be ready to get a little muddy if you want to have fun in the lake.

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