Your Turn: Feedback On Walters, Swimming & Etsy Sellers

Your Turn: Feedback On Walters, Swimming & Etsy Sellers

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The alleged killer of a woman and a state trooper  entered a not guilty plea in Jefferson County Court last week. Justin Walters' attorney says he plans to file a notice that Walters has a "mental disease or defect" as a defense for at least some of the charges:

No excuse. He needs to be punished.

Michael D Duell Sr.

Thank you for helping to stigmatize PTSD; it is just what the millions of people out there suffering from it need.

Amanda Barstow Reif

Malone Central School District filed a protest with Section 10 aimed at keeping Potsdam boys out of the girls' regional. Potsdam doesn't have a boys team, so it allows four boys to swim on the girls' team:

Some of our girls may not be able to compete if a boy takes their spot. Females are typically not as physically strong as a male.

Misty Lee Morrissiey

Perhaps this will motivate the girls to be better. Can’t have it both ways where girls are included some times and not others.

Mary Wilsie

We met a couple of women who make good money making things and selling them online on sites like Etsy:

I'm an accountant and I have quite a few clients making much, much more than these two on Etsy doing it part-time.

Tim Wewer

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