Local Woman Receives Prestigious Air Force Award

Local Woman Receives Prestigious Air Force Award

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Amanda Lloyd is in the Air Force ROTC program at Yale University. When her squad found out about what Amanda and her friends did, they gave her a special honor.

Lloyd and three friends were at Lake Ontario Beach when they heard screams for help coming from five women and children in rough water where the South Sandy Creek enters the lake.

Lloyd was awarded the Air Force Gold Valor Award at Yale University Friday. That's the highest honor an Air Force ROTC cadet can receive.

Back in July, Lloyd and three of her friends, Nathan Tyler, Elizabeth Connors, and Delaney Ward, rescued five struggling swimmers in the rough waters on Lake Ontario in Ellisburg.

"Without a thought to their own personal safety, took action and actually created a plan where they entered the water. This is a demonstration of extremely clear thinking under trying circumstances," saidd Colonel Thomas McCarthy, Lloyd's commanding officer.

However, Lloyd remembers that a sixth swimmer, Yvonne Kraus died that day.

"It's a really hard situation to hear something like that when people are congratulating you for saving all of these lives, but it's hard. You can't forget that that was also an outcome of this day," she said.

Lloyd's officer says her decision to spring to action shows her high integrity. Lloyd says it's about putting others before yourself.

"If one person wasn't there, it would not have turned out the same. It was an extremely incredible day, also very sad," she sai.d

The officers at the ROTC program says they wanted to celebrate Lloyd's service on Veterans Day.

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