Sign Of The Times: The Latest In The Watertown vs. Firefighters

Sign Of The Times: The Latest In The Watertown vs. Firefighters Union Dispute

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An asset to the fire station now sitting in the garage.

After the department was told to break its minimum staffing rule of 15 firefighters when someone calls in sick, the heavy rescue truck was taken off the street.

And over the weekend, two signs appeared in its front windows with a simple message: "Rescue Closed."

"It's something that a lot of the guys have ridden for a number of years and they've spent a lot of time on it. To have it just kind of unceremoniously just ripped away from the department, they just put the sign up there," said Dan Daugherty, firefighters union president:

A picture of the truck and signs was also posted to Facebook with a message for people to voice concerns with city officials.

"It's their call if they want to be incendiary on that type of message. It's the chief's decision to pull the heavy rescue. Personnel can be reassigned to it, so to say it's completely closed is not accurate," said Watertown Mayor Joe Butler.

Deputy Chief Russell Randall says the department is investigating who put the signs up over the weekend. As for any disciplinary action, he says that's up to the city manager.

"It should not be a city employee's position to put any posting in a city vehicle unless they were directed to do so by their management. Right now, I don't have any idea who authorized that or if it was authorized at all," said City Manager Sharon Addison.

Addison says she has reached out to Fire Chief Dale Herman about the issue.

She says she needs to know more information before any action would be taken.

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