Zip Code Issue Not An Easy Fix For St. Lawrence County Man

Zip Code Issue Not An Easy Fix For St. Lawrence County Man

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Keith Mitchell has plans. He lived in a St. Lawrence County home as a child and wants to fix it up. He's buying it.

But what's not so great is his mail delivery. He said in the summer when he moved in he didn't get mail at all. Now it's spotty. The problem seems to be his zip code.

"This is the end of the zip code. It is the Canton zip code on one side of the street and it's the Madrid zip code on the other," he said.

That means the Madrid carrier has to go out of his way to deliver his mail. He's the only one there with a Madrid zip.

It's frustrating, because the Canton carrier goes right by his box every day. He wants to either have his zip code changed or to just plant his box on the other side of the road.

“It seems like the easiest fix in the world to me,” said Mitchell.

But the postal service says it's not that easy. Your zip code is your zip code.

And you can move your mailbox, but that entails an entire address change and all that goes with it.

“It's not only not an easy matter, but it is essentially the equivalent of moving away, without going anywhere,” said Maureen Marion, U.S. Postal Service.

Mitchell's story strikes a cord because it's something we've all been through - trying to get a big bureaucracy to make a small change, something that would make everyone's life easier.

In October, Mitchell's health insurance lapsed because he missed a letter. He had to skip taking prescriptions and had a hearing to get his insurance back.

He thinks it still could all be worth it once his new place is fixed up. He wishes it was as easy to change his zip code or move a mailbox.

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