North Country Snowbirds Shiver Down South

North Country Snowbirds Shiver Down South

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Courtesy: Valynda Davis-Forkell, Summerville, SC Courtesy: Valynda Davis-Forkell, Summerville, SC

"You can see the ruts in the roads...They're really deep. They're about four inches deep," said John C. Doe, a north country native who's now living in Virginia Beach.

An unusual winter storm has dumped snow along the southern East Coast. Doe was born and raised in Watertown and moved to Virginia Beach in 1996.

For the last couple days he's put his north country cap and jacket back on. He's also being a good neighbor, pulling cars out and giving tips.

"My neighbor came over to borrow my shovel and some people don't have shovels," he said.

"He's a great guy, great neighbor. He takes care of everybody in this neighborhood," said Ron Benion, John's neighbor.

Then there's Brittany Cean, a north country musician who's traveling to play some gigs in Florida with her band Beaver Nickel.

We talked to Cean once she hit greener pastures in Georgia.

"I think it took us 12 hours to get from the middle of North Carolina to Savannah. It should have been a six hour drive," she said.

The long trip is something she says she'll keep in mind next time.

"January might not be the right month for us to travel south ever again," she said.

Towns down south aren't as equipped as the north country to handle the snow.

For example, Myrtle Beach has 2 plows compared to Watertown, a city that has 11 plows.

- The photo above was posted to our Facebook page by Valynda Davis-Forkell. She's from Alexandria Bay, but now lives in Summerville, South Carolina.

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