Noise & Lights Help Scare Crows Out Of Watertown Neighborhoods

Noise & Lights Help Scare Crows Out Of Watertown Neighborhoods

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It's that time of year when crows are flocking in city of Watertown neighborhoods by the thousands.

Cody Bachiuska is vice president of Loomacres Wildlife Management. His job is to scout the crows and make them flee residential areas. 

It all happens with a few harmless tools.

"Pyrotechnics, high-powered lasers -- which don't actually hurt the birds, it's just the visual cue to help them move from the area," he said.

Bachiuska says that, on average, the city of Watertown will see 15,000 crows in total each winter season. 

He says it's a decreasing trend, and they're not very dangerous, just a nuisance.

"Usually they're about people telling us where they're seeing the crows or just reporting the inconveniences and the hazards they're creating at the houses," he said.

Many people report sightings to Loomacres crews. Neighbors will tell you they can definitely get annoying.

"Yes, it can be definitely a nuisance," Brandon LaDue said. "I like animal sounds, but you can tell when something's starting to be overpopulated. It's like your neighbor's dog barking all the time."

Bachiuska says not to worry. No matter how loud the crows can be, they are not hazardous and do not carry any diseases.

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