Leaks Force Watertown Business To Move Out Of Downtown

Leaks Force Watertown Business To Move Out Of Downtown

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Chris Emeanua is the owner of the Sweet Bean Cafe.  He has run his business in the same spot on Court Street for the past two years and has lived above the cafe the whole time. He says for months, he's had a problem with the building.

"I have a leaking roof and it's not just in one spot; it leaks all over the building," he said.

Emeanua says water has damaged his carpet in his upstairs apartment as well as his $5,000 coffee maker and the walls and ceilings in the cafe. He says he's had to shut down his business for the past three months because he can't sell food with the condition the building is in.

Neighbors of Watertown owns the building. Emeanua says the organization has been aware of the problem since it started.

"They did some minor, like, patching up the little spaces," he said.

Neighbors of Watertown Executive Director Reg Schweitzer says the organization was in talks with Emeanua about selling the building to him. Schweitzer says he knew the roof needed to be replaced, but says Emeanua had his own plans for that.

"He was interested in replacing the roof himself as he thought he could do it at a lesser cost than if we were to do it," said Schweitzer.

Emenaua says he was never going to buy the building if the roof wasn't replaced first.

Now he says he's moving his business to the Salmon Run Mall and he plans on living elsewhere. He's asking Neighbors of Watertown for money for his property that was damaged.

Schweitzer says that's something that has to be discussed.

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