Some On Tug Hill Eager For Cold To Return

Some On Tug Hill Eager For Cold To Return

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It's a pretty unusual sight this time of year for Redfield: melting snow piles and bare roads.

A temperature warm-up hit the region the last couple of days.

"I think it's wonderful. It won't last but, hey, we'll take the good with the bad," said Wendy Ranieri, Redfield resident.

It's true, it won't last. People will have to enjoy it while they can before the cold returns this weekend.

"Honestly, for me, it doesn't matter either way, I'm so used to it. Redfieldians are very tough," said Dora Hallock, Redfield resident.

And some are even eager to see it come back.

"The cold is good for us. Believe it or not, but it's true," said Hallock.

Edward Montieth is the president of the Redfield Snowmobile Association. There's a poker run this weekend and, while he says the warm-up hasn't affected trails too much, cool temperatures and rain could be bad.

"The rain will settle into the areas and of course that softens the snow up more with water laying there," he said.

But luckily, the amount of snow that already dropped in Redfield this season left a solid base on the trails so Montieth isn't too worried.

He's just not ready for the Spring weather yet.

"It's wintertime so we might as well have the snow. As long as we have the trails established, we might as well keep them, you know," he said.

Some business managers say it has been a little quieter, but die-hard snowmobilers have still been hitting the trails.

They hope to see more though when the cold returns.

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